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What to Focus On Right Now

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Here we are again exploring what influences us on a surface level in our lives, not only as business owners, but more importantly, as human beings.

It has become so clear to me over the past 36 years as an entrepreneur that my business is a reflection of me. My inner world, what is not seen with my eyes so to speak, is where my daily responses or reactions arise from. They, in turn, create my destiny. It’s common sense.

There are no neutral thoughts and we, as the decision makers, in each microsecond, are deciding. Isn’t that so empowering? Don’t let anyone tell you anything less than the truth.

To be empowered means to be open to looking at life, its challenges, its delight from many different perspectives.

In this episode Toby and I interview Sadhu, our resident Vedic Astrologer. You may have met Sadhu in earlier episodes.

In this episode, we look at how the universe is currently supporting you to look inside yourself and revisit, reinvent your ideals and your values?

The root systems of your business and your brand are built on these ideals.

Don’t shortcut the root system of your business by focusing on leaves and the branches. Take a dive in and create new stability and strength.

I love this episode; the exploration is meaningful.

Feet up gorgeous, it’s time to explore the beauty of you and how to extend that to the world through your meaningful beauty business.