How To Get Clients To Buy Products From Your Salon

Salon owners are always asking “how can I increase salon retail sales?”

Many of you have the same clients for years, even decades. You do their hair, their nails, their brows. You know secrets about them you’ll take to the grave, and you’re the only person they trust to come near them with a pair of scissors or tweezers.
What does this tell you?
Remind yourself you’re not some slick used car salesman who will do whatever it takes to make a sale – you are a consummate beauty professional. You know the beauty wants and needs of your clients better than anyone.
Have confidence in yourself and use it to send your clients home with products you know they’ll need and love. You’re more than qualified to make these recommendations, so don’t feel guilty or scared to do so!
Which brings us to our next tip for a successful salon retail strategy.
Choose Products You Believe In
When you sell products you personally believe in, the idea of retailing in your salon becomes a lot easier. You no longer feel like you’re selling anything — you’re simply recommending products you know will fulfill your clients’ beauty needs.
Educate Yourself On Your Products
While it’s great to have an aesthetically pleasing retail shelf, you shouldn’t rely on just the look of your products to make a sale.
There’s a lot of great information to share about the products you carry that goes beyond, “it smells good.”
Hair products at Kmart smell good. Tell them why they’re really investing the money in high-quality salon products.
For example, explain to them how the TrueBrow™ Collection is an unlike anything else on the market, with the power to create depth, fullness and softness for any brow — even sparse, misshapen eyebrows.
Once you’re able to make well-educated recommendations, you’ll start building a trusting retail relationship with your clients.
Consultation Is Key
An honest, thorough consultation is vital for not just retailing products, but for fully understanding the  wants, needs and lifestyle of your clients.
There’s a reason why beauty professionals often get the reputation of being therapists. Our job is to listen and translate our clients’ thoughts and ideas into a look that radiates beauty from the inside out.
However, understand the consultation does not stop just before your service.
After you’ve completed the service, you should have accurate insight into where their beauty issues lie and what product can help them resolve it.
This is when you press for the “yes.”
Build Trust With Your Clients
Trust is at the heart of every successful relationship. The relationship between a beauty professional and her client is more of a friendship than anything else. Keep in mind that true friendships don’t happen overnight and must be steadily earned over time.
It is very important in the beginning stages of your friendship with your clients to focus on earning their trust.
Instead of pushing multiple products on a new client, start with the basics to enhance and maintain their service. If they still show uncertainty, extend to them a discount they are able to use during their next visit.
You gain trust through listening to your clients’ problems, you keep trust by solving them.
Once you solve one problem, that opens the doors of opportunity to solve more. So, build that trust and be a good friend to your client.
If you’re interested in learning more about how to grow your beauty salon business, we’re ready to chat.