What is trueBrow™

TrueBrow™ is the solution you’ve been searching for to quickly build and grow your own beauty salon business.

TrueBrow™ will show you how to attract quality clients and stand out in a noisy marketplace. It will give you the skill and clarity to build the brand of your dreams fast and with confidence. 

TrueBrow™ is a proven system that has worked for hundreds of women, utilizing their creativity and passion to build a profitable and exciting business. 

TrueBrow™ is the brand every budding entrepreneur dreams of!

TrueBrow™ has trained the world’s top 1% brow experts in natural brow design and restoration.

TrueBrow™ will teach you the skills to create the world’s most beautiful brows.

You will learn the art of trimming, advanced tinting, design principles and techniques that have never been shared before with the beauty industry.

You will discover how to transform even the most challenging brow problems.

Become the expert with TrueBrow™

TrueBrow™ has empowered hundreds of women worldwide to use their creativity and expand their entrepreneurial skills, helping them build high performance brow businesses.

TrueBrow™ is the brainchild of renowned beauty educator Elle Wilson.

As the creator of the world’s first system for the natural restoration and design of brows, she has helped tens of thousands of women feel more feminine, beautiful and real in their own skin.

Just as Coco Chanel revolutionized the way we wear the little black dress, Elle Wilson has changed the way we see the natural brow.

TrueBrow™ - the Difference

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Frequently asked questions

How does the TrueBrow™ System work?

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