Why Reviews Still Matter In The Age Of Instagram

Yes, ratings and reviews still matter in 2021. While your Instagram is a great showcase of your technical results, reviews speak about results AND the experience, helping potential clients visualize having that same positive encounter with you.

Why is it still important to get reviews when it’s so easy to snap a few pictures? Because when a potential client sees the combination of your beautiful technical work and reads testimonials from happy clients, you’re already building trust from the start. They’re more likely to have an even better experience in your salon since they already have a certain amount of confidence in you.

You need more than just a beautiful Instagram.
Because everyone understands the importance of social media and great images, the bar has been raised. Well posed photos with good lighting help salons stand out, and now they’re the minimum requirement to have a bingeable feed that will have potential clients feeling like they’ve found their dream beauty specialist. What is going to set you apart and help you stand out from the other stylists with amazing Instagram images? Hearing from a client that you were approachable, made them feel comfortable, and that they loved the whole experience as much as they loved your work.

SEO, baby!
Getting Google reviews makes it easier for potential clients to find you. When a potential client searches for a salon, you’re more likely to pop up on the first page if you have multiple positive reviews. Facebook can help if you have a client base that uses Facebook – a few years ago it was a major contender, but going forward, Google is where I’d guide them. Don’t forget to set up a free Google business page, too!

Consultations are key.
One of the most important actions that will help you get five-star reviews is to have a super in-depth consultation. Show genuine interest and make them feel they are someone whose beauty you are deeply invested in. 

Ask for inspiration pictures, get a full beauty history, find out what their daily beauty routine is, what they love and don’t love about their looks, and use all your tools to work with them to manage their expectations. Educate them fully on care and maintenance to create a look that will work for them, and have them loving their hair long after you snap the after pics.

Ask real reviews from friends and family.
If you’ve provided them a service (even if they didn’t pay), then they can speak to their experience with you. The more (honest) reviews, the merrier. And think about this: a friend or family member who is getting a service for free may very well be encouraged to write a review for you–they would probably love to!

Invest in yourself.
Never stop learning. Attend in-person classes when you can, but in 2021, there are hundreds of online education programs that you can access on a schedule that works for you, even if it’s at 11 pm on a Thursday in pajamas once the kids are fast asleep. Quality, amazing education like the TrueBrow™ program is accessible to our industry on such an incredible level right now, so take advantage of it consistently to expand your skill set and mindset.

Create an experience, not just a service.
It’s not about being super fancy or cutting deep into your profit margin to serve champagne and expensive snacks. Something as simple as having cell phone chargers at the ready can create a VIP feeling. Show guests where to put their bag as soon as they walk in. Have a place for them to set their drink that they can reach while you’re working on them. From the teacup to the toilet paper, let your salon be a living, breathing reflection of everything you value.

Don’t let bad reviews stop you.
The time will come when you get a negative review because it’s just part of being a salon owner. You will most likely know who left the review, if their claims are true, and what type of person they are. Handle them on a case-by-case basis. If someone is genuinely unhappy, reply that you’re going to reach out to them personally to solve the problem. If a client says something that stings, remain open to feedback. Even if you believe they are wrong, you may very well learn something about you and the way you run your business.

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