What Is TrueBrow™

TrueBrow™ is the solution you’ve been searching for to quickly build and grow your own beauty salon business.

TrueBrow™ will show you how to attract quality clients and stand out in a noisy marketplace. It will give you the skill and clarity to build the brand of your dreams fast and with confidence. 

TrueBrow™ is a proven system that has worked for hundreds of women, utilizing their creativity and passion to build a profitable and exciting business.
TrueBrow™ is the brand every budding entrepreneur dreams of!

TrueBrow™ has trained the world’s top 1% brow experts in natural brow design and restoration.

TrueBrow™ will teach you the skills to create the world’s most beautiful brows.

You will learn the art of trimming, advanced tinting, design principles and techniques that have never been shared before with the beauty industry.

You will discover how to transform even the most challenging brow problems.
Become the expert with TrueBrow™

TrueBrow™ has empowered hundreds of women worldwide to use their creativity and expand their entrepreneurial skills, helping them build high performance brow businesses.

TrueBrow™ is the brainchild of renowned beauty educator Elle Wilson.

As the creator of the world’s first system for the natural restoration and design of brows, she has helped tens of thousands of women feel more feminine, beautiful and real in their own skin.

Just as Coco Chanel revolutionized the way we wear the little black dress, Elle Wilson has changed the way we see the natural brow.

TrueBrow™ – the Difference

Does the TrueBrow™ System work for everyone?

How does the hair grow back?

Is TrueBrow™ a makeup product?

How long is the training program?

When can I start offering TrueBrow™ services?

TrueBrow™ Services- How does it work?

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Frequently Asked Questions

The TrueBrow™ System does not use tattooing, microblading, ink, growth serums or brow extensions. We do not exploit our client’s pain points by offering them temporary solutions to their brow problems. The TrueBrow™ System has changed all of that for the beauty professionals that know deep in their hearts that their beauty training simply didn’t give them the correct knowledge to work with a woman’s/man’s brow with full confidence to create unlimited beauty.
It is these individuals that enroll in our training. Their one purpose is to extend a premium brow brand to their clients and the most beautiful brows possible.
We begin with the original world-class principles created by Elle Wilson.
The Definition of the word Principle:
A fundamental truth or proposition that serves as the foundation for a system of belief or behaviour or for a chain of reasoning.


A basic idea or rule that explains or controls how something happens or works.
The world-class Principles created by Elle Wilson extend a completely new terminology for the Anatomy of the Brow.
You begin to discover how to see the potential of every natural brow by:

-Working through the comprehensive material you will find in your online portal.

-You will begin to understand the difference between tinting vellus hair and finding

To undergo the TrueBrow Education, it is required that you have a Waxing and Tinting experience.
If you do not have tinting or waxing experience, you will need to attend a waxing and tinting workshop with a TrueBrow™ endorsed educator.

The simple answer to this question is NO. Brow shaping is offered to you in your beauty curriculum and other short brow courses. We do NOT recommend or teach brow mapping because it’s main focus isn’t to find the ultimate potential of the client’s natural brow. Not all brows are equal. 

The TrueBrow™ Education is the education and knowledge any brow requires to free-hand design, correct, transform and where possible, restore to its fullest potential.

The easy-to-follow principles and powerful support as you begin to learn how to become a Visionary in your creative expression is undoubtedly the unmatched.

TrueBrow™ the education extends to you a way of viewing the potential of the natural brow through the eyes of the Creator. You will begin to experience the joy of seeing what was previously hidden to you, unseen, impossible to work with because of lack of understanding.

You will finally be able to experience the confidence and wonder of creating beauty from what first appeared to be impossible.

Take this opportunity to bring a new level of excellence, inspiration and excitement into your salon and your day.

Elle Wilson personally recommends her favourite tools, equipment and products in your in-depth training portal.

Where necessary our students will use tint. The TrueBrow™ System has a very unique way of using tint. Our tint education is outstanding as is our processing time education, so our specialists can achieve the perfect result for their clients.  We never leave any tint stain on the clients skin as we need to clearly work with each hair. 

We use tweezers for precision and then the professional is encouraged to use the hair removal technique of their choice. Some of our students use wax, others sugar and some thread. The tools are not the differentiation when you are working with the TrueBrow™ System. The knowledge, the use of the principles, the subtleties and the deep understanding of how to remove friction in an area of the brow and create harmony is what ultimately creates the most beautiful results.

Our online Live Classes are where the magic happens! Offered to all enrolled TrueBrow™ Students, our online Live Classes are a way in which students receive live feedback, hair-by-hair guidance and client relationship support on the brows they are doing in their salon. Yes, we understand these are the brows that matter most! 

Our online Live Classes are run by our TrueBrow™ Endorsed Educators regularly and are an opportunity for our international community of students to listen, learn and watch as our Educators display visually on-screen how to move forward with each and every brow that is uploaded for feedback.This offers our students not only guidance on the brows they are working on in-salon, but an endless variety of brows from all over the world.

The online Live Classes ensure our students always feel supported and confident in their ability to make their client’s brow beautiful, naturally.

Elle Wilson’s highest priority is for all of her students to become outrageously successful. She loves seeing you thrive in business and in your life. This is why she is deeply committed to the research and exploration of new fads and trends that enter the industry claiming to offer women ultimate, timeless beauty. She is a firm believer that when your clients FEEL they can trust and respect you for your commitment to their beauty your business will soar. Her research into Henna unveiled misleading information that concerned her.

Her first discovery was that Henna used for brow coloring and skin staining is NOT natural. It has the same ingredient that tint companies use in their tint products to color the hair. Therefore offering it as a natural option is misleading.

Secondly, it does NOT help hair growth for the client. There are a number of reasons Henna can cause allergic reactions but additionally, many salon owners are finding many of their clients are just not satisfied. However, Elle’s biggest concern is the training that is available is using what is now referred to as BROW MAPPING. This technique is slowly, through its use on a woman’s brow, limiting the brows natural potential.

Additionally, staining the skin prohibits the professional from working with the brow and not only perfecting it, but in many cases restoring it back to its natural beauty. Your clients are all you have in the world of business to grow a successful brand. They need to FEEL respected, offered honest and accurate information and most importantly, results that leave them overjoyed.

Elle Wilson’s focus is on long term solutions for her TrueBrow™ Specialists and their loyal clients. Serums may, and the key word here is MAY, be a solution to hair growth, however, this is not a permanent solution. When the product is no longer used the hair can fall out leaving the client once again with a problem. 

Do you want to be a brand that makes temporary promises or do you want to learn how to offer your clients permanent, timeless solutions? That’s the only question you need to answer.

Any beauty professional can attend however, you must have waxing and tinting experience. If you do not have tinting or waxing experience, you will need to attend a waxing and tinting workshop with a TrueBrow™ endorsed educator prior to your Masterclass.

Absolutely! We have had many home salon owners enter TrueBrow™ and find great success with TrueBrow™ as their differentiation. It is where home salon owners can truly excel and stand out in their location. Many surpassing the big salons in their area.  A number of our original home salons are now well-established shop front salons with multiple team members due to the demand in TrueBrow™ services. Home salons are our specialty. With the flexibility to grow according to the demands of your home life and the vision you hold for your business, TrueBrow™ works with home salon owners to bring new inspiration and joy into their lives. It is so rewarding to be winning new quality clients because you are a TrueBrow™ salon owner. 

The key to this of course is to use all the resources available to you to produce the work and the TrueBrow™ experience quality clients are looking for.

Yes! What better combination than to be a lash and TrueBrow™ brow expert? The only requirement that we have is that you have a certification in Waxing and Tinting. If you do not, we can offer you an accredited course for an additional cost or you are encouraged to find a Waxing and Tinting course in your location.

Many of the lash artists or lash lift artists that come to us have already completed other brow training and found themselves disappointed. They arrive at TrueBrow™ knowing there is so much to learn and they want to deliver the same level of excellence in brows as they do in lashes.

They are professionals that deeply care about their reputation in the industry and know they have a lot of learning to do to become exceptional.

Their focus, dedication and commitment to follow through is what makes them exceptional.

Absolutely! TrueBrow™ is one of the beauty industry’s most powerful lead generation brands. Clients have been known to travel hours, some even interstate to see their TrueBrow™ Specialists. It is the brand that will attract quality clients into your salons even if they are loyal to their current salons. 

You might ask why?

When you offer a result and outcome others are unable to execute, those clients looking for just that will embrace this. With TrueBrow™ offering your salon continuous support and feedback on a weekly basis LIVE, you will continue to improve and offer more and more outstanding results. It’s the perfect partnership.

There are hundreds of salons that have proven this to be true.

Your differentiation becomes TrueBrow™.

If you have multiple team members in your salon, you do not need to enroll them all. In fact, we recommend that you carefully select who you will be enrolling. It is important that any team members being enrolled completely understand their commitment to the TrueBrow™ Education and sign the terms and conditions agreement we have supplied you with in your Salon Owner Orientation. This agreement is a guideline for salon owners, so they can clearly outline to their team member what they are saying YES to when they to be enrolled. You’re welcome!

If you need support in selecting who to enroll, we encourage you to post your need for support and guidance on the TrueBrow™ Mastermind Group. Your loving, heart-centered community!

Yes, CLICK HERE to fill in the form and submit your request. You will be contacted within 48 hours. If approved, you will be offered a series of video tutorials showing you how to apply the TrueBrow™ Collection on all brows.

The signed agreements would not permit you to use what you are taught to train another person in or outside of your current salon. 

Your non-disclosure agreement clearly states that The Work™ has been extended to you to enhance your brow work for your salon growth, not as a means of training others and disclosure the information you will be learning.

The TrueBrow™ is an original system. The Creator and the Founder, Elle Wilson has one purpose, to offer women in the world via highly trained TrueBrow™ Specialists the most divine brows. Enhancing their beauty and transforming their confidence. 

Any breach of these contracts will illicit legal action.

If you are in a country where there are currently no TrueBrow™ Endorsed Educators you will be offered our Live Streamed Masterclass Events. Ask your Educator for more information.

Yes, students can travel overseas to train with TrueBrow™ Endorsed Educators. Currently there are Educators in Australia and in the United States of America.

Yes. Please ask your TrueBrow™ Educator for more information.

I want to