I help women build extraordinary brow businesses.

Timeless brow design is one of the most sought after beauty services in the world. It will never change and for those women that have honored me, allowed me to show them the way, they are now experiencing the financial and life transforming rewards of TrueBrow™.

How To Build Your Dream Beauty Business FAST.

International Beauty Brand Owner and World-Renowned Brow Educator, Elle Wilson, reveals her secrets to fast paced growth in the Beauty Industry. Book your free strategy session now!

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Hi, I’m Elle

I never dreamed I would be the Founder and Creative Director of TrueBrow™, my international training organization and beauty brand. In fact, I never dreamed that I would train hundreds of women, worldwide, to create the most beautiful, natural brows in the world, and more importantly, build extraordinary businesses that change their lives forever.

As a life mentor and business strategist for people wanting to realize a new version of themselves, enter the world of entrepreneurship, learn powerful skills and build extraordinary businesses, my world is both rewarding and at times exhilarating. 

There is nothing as fabulous as helping another person realize their dream.

Entering the world of ‘entrepreneur’ is without a doubt saying ‘yes’ to becoming an avid learner. Entrepreneurs, never stop learning. Most importantly, they’re growing their businesses at the very same time.

Here, you will find the most important pieces of the puzzle, incredible business tools that will make your life and entrepreneurial journey easier and the essential knowledge that has created the most powerful and successful brow businesses in the world.

The journey begins with a skill the marketplace cannot refuse.It is a moment to moment experience that is increasingly enriched as the years go by. It’s not a trend or a fad. It is the proven system, that has changed the lives of women who wanted a different life, a new life, a way to make their creative expression yield powerful outcomes.

Building your brow business is about skill, strategy and know-how. You don’t need to work it out, I have already done that for you.

Best Selling Author
The Power Shift, published in 2018, has helped thousands of women discover how to use their power for success and happiness.

Creator of the world’s original and complete system in Natural Brow Restoration and Design. TrueBrow™ gives women hope and natural confidence, again.

Principal Educator
Elle has trained more of the world’s top 1% of brow specialists than anyone else in the world. Her students’ skills and results speak louder than words. 

Podcast Heaven
Launched in 2020, Confessions of a Barefoot Beauty Guru delves deep into how to overcome the challenges of a female entrepreneur in the Beauty Industry and draws on Elle’s personal experiences.

Thought Leader
As a powerful mentor with a huge heart, Elle is an advocate for deeper perspectives and meaning; empowering women to stand up and live.

Business Strategist
Her success rate and inspirational delivery ignites the fire in the hearts of her students. Meaningful business strategy comes first, fulfillment and success follows.

Her inspirational thought inspires, creates and delivers powerful innovations within the Beauty Industry. Elle delivers new insights and strategies that solve real problems.

Every mother is an entrepreneur. She already knows how to run a household and make life work, says Elle. Elle’s children are her inspiration and her greatest teachers.

Relationships are the essential part of our life. Elle has worked with her husband for the past 13 years. Together, they are the living proof that a strong foundation can weather all storms and create the unimaginable.

Success is a choice…

Making the inner choice to walk the path of an ‘entrepreneur’ is like stepping into a brand new world…

A world where enriching each aspect of you, your personality, your character, your mind, your inner intelligence, your creative process, is your commitment.

You will accept that there is NO destination, but rather a plethora of goodness and greatness that awaits you, day in and day out.

You will face your fears and understand them.

You will use them to empower your actions and your choices.

You will face your false beliefs and undo them, replacing them with deep and meaningful principles that will be your guiding light throughout your day.

You will remember that you have loved ones, friendships and you will learn to include them.

A true entrepreneur builds her business, her life, by design.

Elle Wilson and Toby Wilson Truebrow award

“A true educator seeks to find her students potential. She focuses on it way before the student has realized it herself. It is this ability that differentiates one educator from another.”   -Elle Wilson

Awarded 2018 Educator of the Year by the prestigious Australian Beauty Industry Association

Your life is a testament of how well you have learned to use your imagination, your vision, your creativity.

Elle Wilson is the mentor every woman hopes for – wise, firm, gentle, intelligent, and experienced. While she’s a savvy businesswoman and successful entrepreneur, her exceptional quality is her ability to connect and listen. Her openness grants a feeling of safety, and while she’s given me numerous corrections and much advice, I’ve never once felt judged by her. We’ve never wallowed in my problems and she’s always guided me firmly and gently towards progress and clarity.
Alice Shieh

One-on-one classes with Elle offer such opportunity! I have walked away feeling like a different person – a new version of myself, although funnily enough, it was always there. The beauty that I created with Elle in our class today was incredible. I feel I will be bringing a new level of connection to my sales and clients and I am so excited for that. What inspired me the most is Elle and her genuine caring nature. She is a beautiful soul that can transform a brow and I wouldn’t have wanted to learn from anyone else. Such a privilege! Thank you again.
Mandy Parker

“…We live in a generation of people looking for easy. ‘Experts’ tend to complicate the simple while selling “easy” solutions to the hardest problems. This is different.”

Extract from the Power Shift Foreword by
Dr. Flint McGlaughlin 
Author, Academic and Business Leader
M.A. in Philosophy and Theology

Create your new life…

When we have a dream, a feeling inside of unrealized potential, our first instinct may be to launch into a new business and uncharted waters.

Many women have done just that, me included.

However, the world is filled with entrepreneurs-in-training, reaching out for the attention of the marketplace.

Only a few will realize their potential…

In an ever changing world, this tried and tested program will support you to build your brow business, offer you the skill, the strategy and mentoring you must have, not only to survive, but to grow a powerful destination brow business.

Creative Process

Your creative process is where your unique gifts shine. Accessing them as you by-pass fear, doubt and frustration will be your greatest joy. Discover how to share them with the world. Investing in your skill means that you’re investing in you!

Inner Intelligence

Your life is shaped by your inner abilities. Your business, crafted by choices, not chance. Discover how to access your inner intelligence for problem solving and powerful strategising. Inspirational thought is an business owner’s best friend.


One of the most powerful skills a business owner must learn is leadership.
Your business is solely about relationships, day in and day out.
Discover how to identify the needs of the people most important to you and how to influence and enrich their lives. Become a kind, benevolent leader.

Your inner potential is real.
Discover how to realize and create it, express it, extend it into the world.
It’s waiting for you…

Those tiny moments of inspiration are little glimpses of your inner intelligence.
Find the courage to extend your unique gifts with the world.

Every human being has their own unique idea of what they want their life to look like. Yours matters. Discover how to minimize the risk and increase success.

“I see you in all your glory, with all of your strengths.”

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Award Winning International Brow Educator, Mentor, Business Strategist, Best Selling Author, Creator of TrueBrow™

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I love listening to the Confessions of a Barefoot Beauty Guru Podcast for the meaningful conversations and sound life advice. I love how Toby and Elle communicate together and how they bring so much joy and wisdom to important topics. It’s one of my top podcasts to listen to at the moment. Honest feedback.

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