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Elle Wilson, creator of the 5-D TrueBrow System, stands as an award-winning educator in brow design and repair. At TrueBrow™, she and her team train the world’s elite brow specialists, attracting women globally who seek the highest standard in beauty industry education.

Say goodbye to…

Brow courses that leave you feeling inadequate and still searching for more

Say hello to…
The TrueBrow Business-in-a-Box

TrueBrow™ is the best investment I’ve made in my career.

Alice Shieh

TrueBrow™ Specialist

This is a PHD in brows

Sabrina Ehlis

TrueBrow™ Specialist


This online training program offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing students to study from anywhere in the world at their own pace. With 24/7 access to course materials, it accommodates learners from different time zones and lifestyles, ensuring that education is not bound by geographical constraints. This self-paced approach respects individual schedules and learning preferences, making it an ideal solution for global learners.


This online training program is a turnkey solution for those looking to excel in the brow industry, offering a proven system complete with marketing strategies, collateral, structure, procedures, and policies. It’s designed to provide everything needed to establish and grow a successful brow business. The program not only imparts technical skills but also includes comprehensive business and marketing frameworks, ensuring that students are equipped with both the artistry of brow styling and the acumen for business management. This holistic approach ensures a seamless start and sustained growth, making it an ideal solution for anyone aiming to make a significant impact in the brow industry.


A foolproof and thoroughly tested complete business system designed for rapidly establishing a successful brow enterprise.


Practical in-person sessions with world-class TrueBrow™ Educators also available for purchase.


Receive unparalleled guidance from Elle Wilson and her endorsed educators through live, weekly brow coaching sessions. Collaborate and learn with fellow brow specialists; enhance your skills by uploading your clients’ brows for feedback, aiming for outstanding results. Experience the confidence that comes with dedicated brow coaches accompanying you on your journey.

100+ HOURS

of pre-recorded brow coaching classes at your disposal. Get inspired and gain the confidence to solve over 92% of brow challenges other professionals deem impossible.


Stepping into this training program, you gain access to a thriving community of brow specialists and inspired women. This dynamic network is a source of inspiration, collaboration, and shared expertise, empowering you to connect with peers, exchange innovative ideas. In this community, you’ll find an environment rich in support and encouragement, enhancing your professional skills and fostering lasting relationships. It’s a space where your growth is celebrated and your journey understood, an invaluable part of your professional development in the brow industry.

TrueBrow™ is the best investment I’ve made in my career.

Alice Shieh

TrueBrow™ Specialist

This is a PHD in brows

Sabrina Ehlis

TrueBrow™ Specialist

Why TrueBrow™ is the only brow course you’ll ever need

Outlive trends and fads

Acquire a timeless set of skills and strategies that will allow you to build a strong and sustainable business.

Never worry about your competition again

Too many brow “experts” in your area? No problem. You’ll become the most sought after natural brow expert in your location with TrueBrow™. We’ll show you how.

Enjoy the waitlist of
your dreams

Book out weeks or months in advance with clients excited to regularly receive a TrueBrow™ treatment from you.

Direct and continuous
access to the experts

Belong to an empowered community and have access to TrueBrow’s creator, world-class Educators, and experienced Specialists, who will offer you guidance and support at each stage of your training and business operations.

Solve 92% of brow problems

Begin the most rewarding phase of your career and deliver stunning results to people with all kinds of brow challenges—especially to those who have lost hope.

Remarkable Natural Brow Transformations by TrueBrow™ Students

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Salon Owners with Teams

Home Salon Owners

Brow or Lash Solo Operators

Make-up Artists

Passionate Women



Upskill and add premium natural brow design and restoration to your salon.


Stand out from competitors with a high-end in-salon premium natural brow treatment.


Gain specialist status and become the wildly in-demand natural brow specialist in your location.


Grow, expand, or transform your business.


Discover the ability to solve your clients’ most challenging brow problems naturally.


Enter the beauty industry and build a high performing brow business with confidence and ease.

When it comes to brow skill, TrueBrow™ International requires absolutely no prerequisites. We teach you everything from start to finish.

Salon owners with teams can contact us at [email protected] to avail of our special corporate packages.

Requirements and regulations vary per city, state, province, or country. Please ensure that you check the requirements and regulations in your local area prior to proceeding with your enrolment.

My TrueBrow™ Success Story

Because of TrueBrow™…

I was able to leave my kindergarten job and open up my own shop doing what I love.

Because of TrueBrow™…

Samantha Keller

Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist
Emerald, QLD, AU
Ultimate Beauty Cartel

Because of TrueBrow™…

I was able to leave my kindergarten job and open up my own shop doing what I love.

Some days I have to pinch myself. I was a kindergarten assistant and a part-time lash technician. After I got married and with my children not babies anymore, I started a look around for what I thought at the time was going to be a service I could offer women of Central Queensland and considered Cosmetic Tattooing.

In my search for a course, fate and the universe would have it I came across Elle Wilson and TrueBrow™. Super impressed with the amazing results and reviews, I booked myself a phone call with Elle. Needless to say, there was going to be no tattooing going on over here and I began the TrueBrow™ online training in 2016. Little did I know, this was going to set me and my business up, resulting in having to leave my kindergarten job in 2017 and go full time in my home salon only 14 months after I started studying TrueBrow™.

The TrueBrow™ education and business programs pushed me to grow further and in 2018, I opened into a shop front space.

Kacey Demarest

Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Watford City, ND, USA
Elysian Beauty and Brow

Because of TrueBrow™…

I was able to pay off my debt and started saving for me and my children. Now I am able to significantly contribute financially to my home and family, and that’s a big deal for me.

In 2015, I was managing a motel in North Dakota and absolutely hated it. I was looking to become an eyebrow threader when I came across TrueBrow™. I paid for my first class and was hooked! When I moved to California, my finances changed but I was able to put my tips together from working as a barmaid and pay for my first hands-on Masterclass in Texas. I was blown away by Elle and what she was teaching us because I had never heard somebody talk about real, natural, authentic beauty before.

Since starting my TrueBrow™ journey, I graduated from cosmetology school, took my state board for licensing, and transitioned into an Aesthetician. I have since attended a Masterclass in Vegas and an Advanced Masterclass in Seattle.

Money issues were a big part of my journey. I struggled a lot. I bartended and put whatever I had left of my school grants into my TrueBrow™ education because I knew it was going to benefit me and I wanted to focus on it.

Today, I am back in ND and have people lining up for my services. My clients skip the free consultation and want the service right away. Our feelings about our beauty have been compromised by trends and fads, and women are so excited to have something offered to them that is authentic, genuine, and mindful.

Because of TrueBrow™…

I was able to pay off my debt and started saving for me and my children. Now I am able to significantly contribute financially to my home and family, and that’s a big deal for me.

Because of TrueBrow™…

I am seeing dramatic changes in my work, the way I look at brows, and in my confidence. I honestly believe in TrueBrow™ so much that I KNOW I am going to be successful.

Because of TrueBrow™…

Ashleah Cummings

Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist
Perth, WA, AU
Team Member at Eloquent Eyes

Because of TrueBrow™…

I am seeing dramatic changes in my work, the way I look at brows, and in my confidence. I honestly believe in TrueBrow™ so much that I KNOW I am going to be successful.

My journey with TrueBrow™ began in October 2018 – I came to Elle dissatisfied with previous eyebrow courses I had attended. Elle welcomed me with open arms and since I had luckily signed up days before her Perth Masterclass, I completed my online modules and was face to face with her days later.

I initially felt SO out of my depth, I had never seen a group of passionate Beauty Therapists so dedicated and invested in “saving the natural brow” and creating the perfect brow for each individual woman. I immediately knew I was exactly where I needed to be – and quickly learnt that everything I had learnt during my Diploma about brows needed to be thrown out the window.

TrueBrow™ isn’t just another brow course – it’s a sisterhood, an authentic brand, a natural design based method of achieving beautiful, feminine, soft brows.

I recently attended my second Masterclass with the talented TrueBrow™ Educator, Rachael Mezzatesta of Once Upon a Brow, and the fire inside my belly was reignited. I jumped back on my Online Live Brow Coaching Classes, went through all my online modules again and have been consistently practicing on paying models every week. I have immersed myself in TrueBrow™.

Jai Norris

Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
Thornton, NSW, AU
Jai Norris – The Brow Specialist

Because of TrueBrow™…

I was able to pay off my debt and started saving for me and my children. Now I am able to significantly contribute financially to my home and family, and that’s a big deal for me.

I began training with Elle and TrueBrow™ in 2019. Since then, I’ve had 5 months off in that time, but my eyebrow skills still improved. We do weekly brow coaching classes to constantly improve our skills. I thought I was great at eyebrows before I trained with TrueBrow™ but my skills are now 100% better. 

The technique we are taught is just amazing! The increase in the hourly rate has increased my revenue so much. Everyone loves how natural their brows look and are just amazed that they can walk out and not be embarrassed about their eyebrows being too dark or stained. To be honest, I was a bit worried about spending that much money on a course I didn’t know much about, but Elle is absolutely amazing and such a beautiful soul. We’re like a TrueBrow™ family and all help each other out and refer customers who contact us from different locations.


I was able to build my business from scratch again after COVID, a major wrist surgery which resulted in losing all income from lash clients, and a relocation, all within the same year. 

Because of TrueBrow™…

Because of TrueBrow™…

I was able to build my business from scratch again after COVID, a major wrist surgery which resulted in losing all income from lash clients, and a relocation, all within the same year.

TrueBrow™ Training Program

The TrueBrow™ mission is rooted in upholding the integrity of a woman’s natural brow and the commitment to saving the natural brow through skill-based and non-invasive brow design and restoration. The 12-month TrueBrow™ Training Program will equip you with the knowledge, skills and techniques, and support to confidently transform and restore almost any kind of brow naturally, regardless of its condition or history.

Why 12 months?

No true specialist is created in just a few days. This 12-month program is designed to inspire, encourage, and support you as you begin to discover how to create the world’s most beautiful brows and solve women’s most challenging brow problems, naturally.

The program is designed to give you the freedom to do as much or as little as you desire with guaranteed access to all the resources anytime you wish. The goal is always to build a strong and sustainable business through consistent visible results.

What’s included in my investment?

World-class brow training with industry leaders and experts in natural brow design and restoration.


24/7 Online Access – Your entire online brow curriculum is available for you to access 24/7 and filled with everything you need to create, transform, design, and restore the most beautiful brows, solve over 92% of brow challenges, and become the go-to natural brow specialist and salon in your location.


Your own Brow Coach for the next 12 months – Enjoy access for an entire year to hands-on Weekly Live Online Brow Coaching Classes with Elle Wilson (Creator & Principal Educator) and Sabrina Ehlis (USA Head Educator). Interact in real time with your Educator and receive hair-by-hair feedback and guidance on the brows you are currently working on in-salon—the most important brow work of all!


Access to the TrueBrow™ Video Library – Gain access to 100+ hours worth of recorded Brow Coaching Classes to watch on-demand. You will get a front row seat to all the action. Watch as Elle Wilson works hair-by-hair on some of the most challenging brows to restore and transform them. Get an insight to her thought process as she walks you through her approach and techniques. Plus, she answers the most common questions from her international students.


TrueBrow™ Specialist Status – Earn your coveted TrueBrow™ Specialist status by completing and passing two TrueBrow™ Assessments, which will be personally reviewed by Elle Wilson. Your Specialist Status will establish you as the go-to expert in natural brow design and restoration in your location. It will also secure you a placement in the TrueBrow™ Directory, where your potential clients can locate you easily.


Listing on the TrueBrow™ Directory – the brow directory women trust – All of our specialists and salons and their current Specialist Status are listed in the TrueBrow™ Directory where potential clients can find them. Starting with Bronze and all the way to Platinum, your Specialist Status will show your dedication, growth, and journey with TrueBrow™ and assure them they are in the best hands.


Your own website on the TrueBrow™ Directory – Aside from appearing as a listing, you can also have your very own complimentary salon page in the directory. If you don’t have your own website yet, your TrueBrow™ Salon Page can serve as your official site that you can link to in all your marketing materials. This will save you the time, effort, and money you would’ve had to put into building and maintaining your own site.


Belong to the TrueBrow™ International Community – TrueBrow™ prides itself on uplifting women and creating a healthy and inclusive community. Being a part of the TrueBrow™ family means feeling inspired and motivated by like-minded individuals, and being constantly surrounded by confident, supportive, and dedicated women.

FREE 12-month Business Coaching & Mentoring


BONUS: TrueBrow™ Branding Course valued at $497 – We know that starting a business can be daunting and want to give you the tools and resources you need to build a solid foundation. With your investment you will also get Elle and Toby’s Branding Course for free. In this course they will teach you how to set the vision for your business, understand your brand’s values and principles, and establish your brand’s voice and personality. The goal is to create an authentic brand and be able to confidently market it on your online platforms.


BONUS: Business Coaching & Mentoring – With a combined 60+ years of experience and expertise in the industry, receive the support, guidance, and mentorship you need to build a strong, healthy, highly profitable, and fulfilling business. Consider all your questions answered!


BONUS: TrueBrow™ Business Strategy – We’ve done the work for you, all you have to do is embrace the tried and true strategies and implement them in your business. The TrueBrow™ Business Model will teach you how to market your skills and your business effectively to attract quality clients, build the waitlist of your dreams, and grow your business exponentially. Our goal is to help you understand your mission and embody your purpose, and transform it into a healthy and profitable business.


BONUS: Complete Marketing Strategy – Launch your business and marketing strategy in just 8 weeks. We’ve mapped it all out for you and will guide you step by step through the process of navigating digital marketing, planning your content for social media, pricing your services, tracking your training progress, and so much more. Complete with tips from Elle and access to pre-written content and ready-to-use images.


BONUS: Powerful Business Tools – Have access to TrueBrow™’s business portal filled with easy-to-use end-to-end business and planning tools and training. Learn how to measure your marketing activities, plan your promotional packages, manage your business’s cash flow and bill payments, and so much more.

Earning your TrueBrow™
Specialist Status

Your TrueBrow™ Specialist Journey – in a nutshell

Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist has the core knowledge and exhibits a strong understanding of the world-class principles that embody TrueBrow™. They have developed a vision and the ability to create unique enhancements, and produce results desired by the client. They’ll know a TrueBrow™-potential when they see one. While they are already transforming the brows and lives of their clients, their journey and development only starts from here.

Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist has successfully completed all the required assessments, mastered advanced TrueBrow techniques, and developed elite knowledge about a woman’s natural brow. They have completed additional training both online and offline with Elle Wilson, which is crucial at this level. Most importantly, they keep up with regular brow coaching classes with our endorsed educators as they continue to excel and strive in creating beautiful brow transformations for their clients.

Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist is 100% equipped with techniques, skills, and knowledge about the world-class principles of TrueBrow™. With their commitment to their ongoing education, extensive training, and consistently creating beautiful results for their clients, they have established themselves as a Brow Expert in their respective location. And is personally endorsed by TrueBrow™ Creator Elle Wilson. Even at this level, the learning doesn’t stop and they are still continuing their education online and offline.

Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist consistently produces superior transformations and is considered a TrueBrow™ Advanced Restoration Specialist.They have the ability to create what is often remarked as a “brow miracle.” Their area of specialty lies in working with women with severely compromised and heavily damaged brows. They stay on top of TrueBrow™ techniques and have advanced their skills to specialize in restoring and transforming brows that are often considered by other professionals in the beauty industry as a lost cause. Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialists are endorsed by Elle Wilson personally.

Get inspired by Laura’s story

Laura Davenport
TrueBrow™ Specialist in Training
Colorado, USA
Simple Beauty with Laura

“I have booked 20 TrueBrow™ Discovery sessions this week, so far and still counting! Today, I originally had 11 booked but after speaking with Elle Wilson I spaced them out a little better haha!!!  Everyone I have seen today has entered the TrueBrow™ Program and purchased their TrueBrow™ Starter Kit at $230 each! Plus, booked their next 2 TrueBrow™ Maintenance appointments.

I am really excited! Now, I need to order more TrueBrow™ Collection!!! The ladies are still purchasing the Starter Kit even though I have run out of the Collection. So, I haven’t even lost a sale yet for not having the collection restocked. I’m out of S01 and S02… where are my S03’s? LOL! 🙂”

The potential of Laura’s business over the next 12 months.

If we take Laura’s amazing story and extrapolate it over the course of a 12-month period, we anticipate that her revenue could be as high as $210,000. That doesn’t even include retail product sales! Even if she were to have slower months or half the clients in succeeding months she could still potentially earn as high as $180,000 in her first year doing TrueBrow™.

The reason we are so confident that Laura will be able to retain her clients is because she has the complete support and guidance of her brow coaches, her TrueBrow™ education group, her ongoing training, and her hands-on classes that will make sure her knowledge and skills are always up to speed. Laura also has access to her regularly scheduled brow coaching classes where she can get feedback for the brows she is working on in-salon. Her clients are guaranteed to always get exactly what they want!

Can this be your success story too?

TrueBrow™ empowers women with financial independence and a work schedule that works for you

Olivia Depis
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Edmonton, Canada
The Natural Brow

I have 260+ women on my waitlist and it shows no signs of slowing down. Elle Wilson has given me the edge I only dreamed of in my salon. I have become the wildly in-demand natural brow specialist in my city. You can too. Elle has given me so much. My business and my profits are soaring even though all I offer is one service – TrueBrow™ premium brow treatments. It’s incredible!

Angela Mee
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Margaret River, WA, AU
Angela Mee Hair Makeup Brows

Because of TrueBrow™ I now have a 6 figure business!! I have doubled my earnings by adding brow specialist to my hair/makeup artist skills/career. I am able to work the days/time that suit me and my family and work as much as I choose to work. I can have time off during school holidays, and have flexibility to work weekday weddings around my brow clients.

I am in the process of building my new studio next to my house so I can work from home but not inside the home. and I can’t wait for this journey to continue and my business to continue to grow.

Sabrina Ehlis
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Sabrina Brow and Skin

This unparalleled training has given me the confidence to open my own business, the skill to differentiate myself in the marketplace that has led to me becoming the brow authority in my location. I have doubled my income, I create my own schedule and I make all of my own decisions. I could not have done this without the help of the dynamic duo of TrueBrow: Toby and Elle Wilson. They work tirelessly to be of service to everyone in our brow community. With TrueBrow™, you do not just train for a day…you train for a lifetime.

Melanie Hibberd
Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist
Swansea, NSW, AU
Mel’s Beauty Salon

Never in my wildest dreams would I have pictured myself in a business that gives me the freedom (financial and lifestyle) that TrueBrow™ has given me. I currently have 18 women on my waitlist, I work only 3 (not massive) days per week, and am doing something I love and am passionate about. TrueBrow™ has improved my life on a whole. TrueBrow™ is the miracle women are looking for, for their beauty and I’m so happy and blessed I get to help them find it.

Samantha Keller
Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist
Emerald, QLD, AU
Ultimate Beauty Cartel

Because of TrueBrow™ my business has soared beyond anything I could have imagined! I have an unrivaled brow design skill set that sets me apart from other salon owners in my area! My business income reached 6 figures in just 18 months and that has allowed me to work hours and days that suit my lifestyle and family’s needs . I will forever be grateful and continue to grow with the support of TrueBrow™ ❤️

P.S. I have a waitlist – have had one for at least 2 years now!

Helen Grech
Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
Tullamarine, VIC, AU
Perfect Pout

I would like to start by saying how grateful I am to be a part of the TrueBrow™ family and want to share with everyone how it has helped my business grow. TrueBrow™ has helped me build my 6-figure beauty business. I spend at least 2-3 days per week working on my TrueBrow™ clients and the other two days I do my hair and makeup clients.

If you are looking to start a new career becoming a TrueBrow™ Specialist just like myself or having it as an added beauty service to your existing business, I highly recommend the TrueBrow™ Program.

The continued support they offer is priceless and you won’t get that anywhere else! So what are you waiting for?

Salon Success Story

Rebecca Miller chats with Elle Wilson about how TrueBrow™ has become the brow philosophy of La Bella Medispa, NSW and raises the bar not only for brow education but brow design and transformation.

TrueBrow™ Collection by Elle Wilson

Exclusive Professional and Retail Range

The TrueBrow™ product range is one of the world’s most powerful brow range. It’s unique qualities allow both the TrueBrow™ professional and client to create depth, fullness, and most importantly, softness for any brow. Women with sparse, misshapen brows can now experience a natural-looking fullness, instantly.

The TrueBrow™ product range includes:
● Element Brow Conditioner
● TrueColor
● Precision Soft-Tipped Brush
● Beautifully Bold Brush

Element Brow Conditioner

This is the magic potion and key to long-lasting brows. This means zero touch ups all day and all night long. More importantly, it makes your brows look and feel real and natural. Now, who wouldn’t want that, right?

To use, simply apply this unique formulation using your TrueBrow™ Precision Brush to the hairs of your brow and any skin where you wish to build your brow.


Fall in love with the incredibly versatile TrueColor, the brow pigment of your dreams that will help you achieve your favorite brow look.

Its lightweight formula and whipped cream consistency give you that full, soft, natural-looking brows that last all day. And don’t worry, because this one stays on without giving you that sticky or heavy feeling.

TrueBrow™ Precision Brushes

Our TrueBrow™ Precision Brush offers you the tool of a professional with the ease of a beginner.

Create soft, flowing brows while maintaining maximum control. Designed purposefully with two ends tailored to the application of either Element or TrueColor, your TrueBrow™ Precision Brush will have you creating world-class brows in moments!

Hear from our TrueBrow™ Students

Renee Minniecon
Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist
Mackay, QLD, AU
Onyx Brows

100% worth every penny! You’ll never look back. The ongoing training and support with the online brow coaching classes with Elle and the educators being available to you is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

In regards to learning new techniques, that was the trickiest part for me, but I do not look at brows the same way I used to! The TrueBrow™ community is so supportive! I would definitely get in touch with Elle and her team!

Mandy Parker
Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist
Waitara, NZ
The Natural Brow NZ

Since joining TrueBrow™ mid 2017, life has Elle Wilson is a beautiful soul inside and out and her training is phenomenal – Mastery-based and honestly, like no other on the market. As soon as you connect with her, you’ll know it’s the brow training for you.

Whitney Hartmann
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Burleigh Heads, QLD, AU
Whitney Hartmann TrueBrow™ Specialist

Such an incredible course has literally changed the way I look at brows forever! Love this beautiful bunch of passionate, talented and dedicated women from all over the world and so proud to call myself a TrueBrow™ Specialist. This truly is an amazing and precious skill.

Susy Giannakis
Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
Adelaide, SA, AU
Beauty at Its Best

What inspired me most about learning with Elle is that she fine tuned her passion in eyebrows, constantly perfecting education, training, resources/products, and mentoring, resulting in other women like myself re-creating our own business and their life. When I returned to work after my first hands-on Masterclass, I felt a complete calmness and confidence in my ability.

Elle gave me the ability to take the first steps in becoming a TrueBrow™ Specialist.

Jeanie Tong
Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
Perth, WA, AU
JT Makeup and Beauty

I am a TrueBrow™ Specialist in Perth and honestly, it has been the best thing for my business. I was a home salon and in October 2020, I moved into a leased room in a hairdressing salon.

I stumbled on TrueBrow™ years ago and enquired about the training and honestly felt that the price was a little high. I ended up spending all that money on multiple other brow courses/ workshops and ended up coming back and joining TrueBrow™ anyway! TrueBrow™ allows you to have the point of difference and that premium brow service in salon that women can not find anywhere else. I definitely recommend it.

Freya Tippett
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Wangaratta, VIC, AU
Miss Frey’s Beauty and Brow

My business has boomed, my clientele has tripled and I now have a waiting list of more than 80 women wishing to have their brows done by me. Elle Wilson has given me the skills, confidence, and strategy to transform a woman’s beauty through her natural brows. I would have never known how to restore a natural brow without the use of Elle’s original system. The incredible support and love by Elle and all the TrueBrow™ family is endless.

Because of TrueBrow I have a successful business that allows me to create beautiful brows every single day.

Bianca Baker
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Mackay, QLD, AU
Bianca Jade Brow Artistry and Beauty

Elle Wilson has given me the point of difference, a certain skill set, a cut above the rest. I didn’t have a steady income at my home salon, but since implementing Elle’s strategy and original system, I’ve grown from my home salon, to renting a room in a hairdresser, to owning my own shop-front with 2 team members.

I honestly can work as much or as little as I like. I always have clients because what we do is amazing!

Lucie Ceresnova Clinch
Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
Baldivis, WA, AU
Lumière De Perth Medi Spa & Wellness Beauty Salon Baldivis

With TrueBrow™, I feel at home. I have amazing support and education available to me at any time. This support helps me to grow and run my business with confidence and with ease knowing it is true and fair. It also allows me to help so many women in return to build their confidence and find their dream brows. It’s a beautiful support system for women too.

You simply work at your own pace which means I have time for my children and personal life.

Olivia Trask-Lopez
Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist
Plano, TX, USA
My Beauty Temple

It’s not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle! The wisdom we receive from Elle through the TrueBrow™ brand is priceless. It always keeps me motivated and inspired. The TrueBrow™ Collection is one of a kind and the TrueBrow™ System is world-class. So lucky to have found this brow family.

I am fully supported in every aspect of my beauty business. I feel at ease knowing that with any question I might have or issue I might come across, I have a team of beauty professionals waiting to assist me to the next phase of my business development. The community at TrueBrow is really worth so much value than I could have ever imagined.

Sabrina Ehlis
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Minneapolis, MN, USA
Sabrina Brow and Skin

Thank you, Elle! The easiest way to say it (with complete humility) is that TrueBrow™ took me from being a waxer of brows to being a brow specialist. Learning to develop the skill of paying attention to fine details and understanding what soft really means, changes your work completely and allows you to start creating true beauty. It astounds me to realize that I sincerely cannot remember how I used to think when working on a brow. It is as if that time never existed…each brow continues to be an opportunity to learn as the journey never ends.

Angela Mee
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
Margaret River, WA, AU
Angela Mee Hair Makeup Brows

It’s so exciting to be in my new space surrounded by other awesome businesses. Being a makeup artist, I knew the design skills would help with makeup application and I wanted to offer my brides brow services, so I signed up and completed my waxing and tinting qualifications 2 weeks before having my baby. I started working at home and doing my online Live Brow Coaching Classes. My son has grown up listening to Elle talk. I moved into my first shop-front salon 18 months ago and I’m now set up in a space which me and my clients just love. I’m so happy (and so are my clients) that I found TrueBrow™!

Receive a $1,000 in-person training voucher absolutely FREE when you enroll today.
Limited time only.


  • Your very own brow coach is like a dream come true. Feel supported and guided with weekly online Zoom brow coaching classes. Featuring award-winning educator and creator of TrueBrow™ – Elle Wilson and her world-class educators.
  • 24/7 online access to Elle Wilson’s world-renowned brow training courses. Includes 100+ hours of comprehensive video and training content. All your essential resources at your fingertips.
  • Your very own professional TrueBrow™ Collection Kits. Elle Wilson’s gift to you.
  • Business coaching and mentoring by top industry thought leaders and innovators, Toby and Elle Wilson. Manifest your investment and efforts into a business that drives itself. Let them show you how. With over 60+ years of business and beauty industry experience, you are in the best hands.
  • Be a part of the world’s most exclusive natural brow community. Revel in the inspiration and the support. Be a part of something deeply empowering.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The top 5 questions Elle Wilson, Creator of TrueBrow™, always asks……

1.How easy do you want your beauty business to be?
2. Do you want to no longer think about your competition?
3. Do you want to increase profit, reduce expenses and build fast?
4. Do you want a consistent waitlist?
5. Do you want to be sought after and attract quality clients?

Whether you have been running your salon in the beauty industry for years or you are looking to enter the industry for the first time, if natural brows are how you want to differentiate your business then TrueBrow™ offers you the opportunity to upskill and add natural brow design and restoration to your expertise, build from scratch, expand or transform your beauty business and most importantly, become the go-to natural brow expert for the women of your location.

TrueBrow™ is for entrepreneurs seeking to become above average. To offer the marketplace solutions to the most challenging brow problems, naturally and reap the joy and the financial rewards for their effort.

From the absolute beginner, to the lash artist, to the salon owner with multiple team members, TrueBrow™ is willing to meet the desire and the vision of each of its students uniquely.

Yes! We offer payment plans.

Many of our students began with little money and enormous faith in TrueBrow™. As they began our program they found not only an increase in their income, but a new found freedom and joy as they began to feel valued, seen, and respected in their chosen field. Money is the easy part. Reach out to us via email for support.

Yes! Sign up for a free Strategy Session with one of Elle Wilson’s TrueBrow™ Coaches and we’ll reach out to schedule it with you. Alternatively, you may also call our head office and speak to one of our wonderful team members.

You will have access to hands-on weekly LIVE online brow coaching classes with Elle Wilson or Sabrina Ehlis (Head USA Educator) where they will assess and give you detailed feedback on the brows you are currently working on, in your salon. You will have a fresh set of eyes and support whenever you find yourself needing any help.Your educators are equipped with the resources and the expertise to monitor your progress week by week. You are in great hands.

To gain your TrueBrow™ Specialist status, you will need to complete and pass two (2) assessments within the 12-month program. These assessments will be conducted by Elle Wilson herself. Elle takes every assessment seriously and ensures you are always learning and improving. If for any reason you find yourself unable to complete your training in the 12 month period, an email with an explanation will help us support you and extend your program.

There is absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.

The certificates of all of our Specialists are posted on the TrueBrow™ Directory – the brow directory women trust. All students begin with a Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist status. In only a few short weeks you will know more about brows than most of your peers and begin your journey towards excellence. As your education progresses and your skills increase, you have the opportunity to move from Bronze to Silver to Gold to Platinum. And as your TrueBrow™ status rises, you will also be encouraged to increase your pricing. At TrueBrow™ our pricing is a reflection of the exceptional results we are able to create

Our focus is to support, guide, and educate you as you build your 6 figure brow business from the day of enrollment. 

TrueBrow™ Business Coaching

All new students are immediately invited to our Business Development Orientation Series LIVE with Elle Wilson or one of your Executive Coaching Team. The biggest challenges faced by entrepreneurs are overcome in this impactful series. 

  • Goal-setting  
  • Task-oriented strategies
  • Pre-written marketing campaigns and resources ready for action
  • Each student has their own timelines and is encouraged to pursue her own deadlines.

TrueBrow™ Products

The TrueBrow™ Collection Kits are a hit with women around the world. You too will love this exclusive product range and can begin retailing to your clients immediately. It’s the perfect brow kit perfect for every client.

On enrollment, you will also place an opening order for your TrueBrow™ Collection Kits. There is no fixed opening order. You will also be gifted 3 TrueBrow™ Collection Kits, 1 in each color, for your professional use.

Everyone works at their own pace. No one is rushed or pressured. However, you will be supported to map out your goals and take the action that works best for you. Elle Wilson’s vision for each of her students is to begin in-salon TrueBrow™ treatments within 4 weeks of beginning the program – mentoring, support, and guidance are always available.

We at TrueBrow™ believe that any and every brow can benefit from the expert skills and advice of the TrueBrow™Specialist. All ages, all skin tones and types, whether you’ve suffered hair loss or your brows are naturally full – even if there’s scarring present – the gift of the TrueBrow™ Specialist is to see the real potential of your natural brow, to communicate that potential to you, and to guide you and your brows to the fulfillment of that potential. From the very first appointment, TrueBrow™ Specialists will give their clients their “best brows right now” and then continue to build on that beauty, from session to session. The world’s most comprehensive system and education for the natural brow is now available to you.

Inspired to save the natural brow, Elle Wilson created The TrueBrow™ System 2001. Over the course of 11 years she meticulously developed and refined the first comprehensive curriculum and practice for non-invasive, skill-based brow design and restoration. She didn’t create it through her rational mind, but rather through a deep creative process, completely interested in only one element of design: beauty. The TrueBrow™ approach to brow treatments is based on proven design principles and techniques, and rooted in our mission to uphold the integrity of every woman’s natural brow. The TrueBrow™ System is an innovative, powerful, and natural approach that has to date changed the brows of millions of women around the world.

The TrueBrow™ Treatment is a high-end in-salon brow service performed by TrueBrow™ Specialists. These are professionals studying the art of natural brow artistry and committed to saving the natural brow.

TrueBrow™ Collection – How often are your clients re-touching their brows with pencils, pomades, powders, having to use bad lighting in restaurants, offices, nightclubs, public bathrooms? This is bad for them and bad for your business. Bad products and bad lighting equals bad brows.

The TrueBrow™ Collection home-care brow kit offers your clients’ a cutting-edge brow formulation designed to be applied onto each brow hair and of course, even bare skin, adding subtle body and dimension to their brows. They will use the TrueBrow™ Collection in between appointments to fill in areas of the brow with or without hair, without creating heavy and unsightly brows.

Enjoy the power of differentiation as the product range sells itself. Demonstrate and sell, there is no easier way to retail your product range than offering your client products others cannot compete with.

Your beauty business can stand out as an exclusive stockist of the TrueBrow™ Collection, offering a niche product to the women in your location and even beyond. 

As standard practice, any consumer that enquires with TrueBrow™, the brand, is kindly directed to connect with their nearest TrueBrow™ Salon for both the in-salon service as well as the purchase of the TrueBrow™ Collection.

Apart from in-store at a TrueBrow™ Salon, the TrueBrow™ Collection is only available for purchase from the official website for consumers who do not have a salon located nearby.

A penny for every time TrueBrow™ Specialists have heard this! With the world’s largest gallery of before-and-after photos, we have evidence that shows over 92% of women who believed this painful story about their brows are deeply and wonderfully surprised by their TrueBrow™ journey. 

Be inspired by seeing the real results that other women just like you are enjoying with TrueBrow™. Visit our Instagram.

We don’t use any growth serums* to enhance the brow or speed up brow growth. Instead, our expertise is the design of the brow and working from day one with the brow hair that you do have, and will have, as your TrueBrow™ Specialist nurtures your brows’ potential over time.  TrueBrow™ Specialists are trained to see and highlight what others would typically overlook, simply cannot see, or even worse, deem useless or unimportant. 

With the TrueBrow™ System and the support and training from award-winning educators, she is able to work with your natural brow in ways that are unforeseeable or even believable by other professionals. She works meticulously and carefully, and is able to recognize and make the necessary micro decisions to achieve the fullest potential and beauty of your brow. You will adore the results.

*Unfortunately, we have found that the results of brow enhancing serums or lotions are only short term and could leave you with further compromised brows once you stop using them. As there is no cure for baldness, there is no cure, as yet in the world, via serums for brows.

No matter the brow treatment, your brow hair will grow within 14 days. Because this is the case, we request all clients return 14 days after their initial TrueBrow™ Design. At this time your TrueBrow™ Specialist will determine the appropriate time between your maintenance appointments – some clients will need to return every 2 weeks, while others can wait 3 weeks between appointments. Regular appointments mean that every TrueBrow™ client will realize the natural potential of their brows AND enjoy beautiful, flawless brows every day.

Any woman that knows the stunning feeling of a clean, flawless brow never denies herself a regular brow appointment. At TrueBrow™ our perspective is that the ideal TrueBrow™ woman wants the most beautifully designed brows imaginable to grace her beautiful face. 

However, in the case of Restoration, there is a more important reason for regular maintenance treatments. 

We don’t believe in shortcuts or quick fixes, that pose a risk to the integrity of your skin or brow hair. We are interested in your timeless brow beauty. We look at how a brow changes week by week to maximize growth, maintain the design, and develop its full potential. 

If too much time passes by between appointments, brows can lose their TrueBrow™ Design foundation. You certainly don’t get fast results this way. That initial Design appointment is gold. Each maintenance session is a new opportunity to reinforce and build on the initial design, and ensure that you leave every appointment feeling your most beautiful and confident. Each visit to your TrueBrow™ Specialist will reveal fuller, more defined results. 

TrueBrow™ Specialists are dedicated to giving your brows the utmost care and attention. This means that they will never rush the design process or make any hasty assessments or half-hearted decisions. Every move is thoroughly considered, and every hair is accounted for. Your TrueBrow™ Specialists will also take progress photos and get feedback and input from TrueBrow™ Creator Elle Wilson herself, as well as the network of experienced TrueBrow™ Specialists and Educators, to provide you the very best results. At TrueBrow™ we are devoted to a level of brow care the world has never seen. 

The TrueBrow™ training program includes a comprehensive and extensive Advanced Tinting module. All our endorsed educators are equipped with tinting qualifications and support each student to upskill and gain more confidence in their tinting techniques. Our techniques ensure that TrueBrow™ Specialists apply tint more delicately and in an organic manner, so that it enhances the brow design and highlights your natural beauty rather than overpowering it.

However, for insurance purposes, it is important you ask your insurance company what they require for you to have adequate coverage.

*Tinting regulations vary by geographical location and each student is responsible to research what is specifically required and allowed for the location where they will be practicing.

Absolutely. Tinting is definitely an impactful addition to the TrueBrow™ design principles and can support or even enhance the services. However, it isn’t at all a necessity in creating beautiful brows.

The short answer: No.

The longer answer: You won’t want to! Once you realize the depth of theTrueBrow™ System, what you actually have to offer your clients naturally, without any risk, as your TrueBrow™ skills develop, as you see with your own eyes what’s possible to create naturally, you won’t want to! More importantly, you won’t need to lean on trends or fads to give your clients unbelievably beautiful, natural results. TrueBrow™ is a comprehensive approach and service that renders other trend-based techniques unnecessary.

We proudly acknowledge the following TrueBrow™ Specialists for their beautiful brow work featured on this page: Alice Shieh, Amy Hiscock, Amy Radcliffe, Candice Frye, Caroline Lowengart, Freya Tippett, Jess Galvin, Kelsie Stajcar, Nakia Vargas, Rachel Mckeering, Sabrina Ehlis, Whitney Hartmann