The Backlash of Our Opinions on Our Industry… Do We Need to Stop and Think Before We Share?

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There isn’t much a salon owner who works 24/7 growing their flourishing business fears more than a bad review…

Nobody, and I mean nobody, ever feels good about bad reviews. They are often feared and secretly we hope we never have to deal with a bad review. A client not only being unhappy, even though we have done our best, but also writing about it; sharing it with the world. 

I can feel the loud thumping of your heart from here…

However, what about writing bad reviews even when we truly think they need to be shared. Is there a true and meaningful way to own our experience and share it with the world?

I believe our industry depends on it.

In this episode, I wanted to explore how to deal with the opinion bashing of brands that I often see in beauty industry social groups. 

How do you, the discerning professional, sift through the bad experiences, resentments and strong opinions of others to get to the core, the essence of a brand? 

Let me be clear, there is nothing more powerful than feedback, but there is a big difference between clean and impactful feedback and opinions shared without thoughtfulness and considering shared interests.

We are all so different and what brand works for one person may truly be a living nightmare for another. How can that be and how do you sift through it all and find the truth for you? All this and more in this week’s episode!

Furthermore, are we freely dumping or venting our bad experiences or are we sharing and owning our experiences?

Feet up industry legend! It’s time to take a moment to reflect on how we can empower others and ourselves and mature into an industry we adore being a part of.

Love your feedback and comments. Let us know your thoughts.




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