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Have you been kicked in the guts lately?

Confession cover

I know, I know, I did promise to speak about how to navigate in our mental body this week.

How to empower ourselves in the midst of the labyrinth of thoughts and narratives that seem to want our attention, however, it will have to wait till episode 197 because this morning something happened.

There I was having a delightful breakfast with a dear friend and Toby when out came the missile. Out of nowhere she felt the need to share a little piece of her wisdom. She wanted to enlighten me about something she could see, it was all about me.  

At first, it felt bad, I didn’t like it and I could feel my whole body tense up. I mean really tense up and then my mouth opened and I began to defend myself. Up went the RED flag. What was I afraid of?

Suddenly, I began to relax. My body, my mind and my heart just opened. I listened and asked her to go on.

Honestly, it felt like a kick in the guts, hence the title of this episode. However, I will let you in on a secret. I enjoy friendships where feedback is shared, where I can learn a little more about how others see me. It’s not always comfortable but it allows me to exercise discernment but most importantly all the incredible access it gives me to my own superpowers.

Listen in girl, feet up, we are going on a wild ride.

Hey, remember, I love your comments, your perspectives, share, share, share your voice, beautiful.