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Business Isn’t Meant to Hurt. How to bring back the joy!

confessions of a barefoot guru

This week we go deep; deep into my past and how it moulded me to suffer from adrenal burnout at least 3 times in my life. 

We look at what was underneath it all and how my business life began to change me and left me feeling unfulfilled and driven, rather than nourished and fulfilled.

I had lost my way or had I started off on the wrong foot to begin with? What had I laid as the foundation of my desire to build a successful business?

If you are feeling undernourished, unfulfilled, overwhelmed by your business that has nothing really to do with business; that is all about you. So, how do you fix it?

Have a listen, Gorgeous! Relax, pour a glass of red and let your heart open to the change before you.

Stop hurting you and find your new way to a deeply nourishing business, a profoundly fulfilling business. You deserve it!