5 Simple Ways To A More Profitable Beauty Salon

Your passion is the primary driver of your salon’s growth and NOTHING drains your passion more than working for little to nothing.

Fortunately, even the simplest ideas can help increase profits. Jumpstart your salon profit with these five tips you can easily put into practice.
1. Re-engage inactive clients.
Send a postcard or email with the theme ‘WE WANT YOU BACK’ to inactive customers (clients you haven’t serviced in the past 12 months). These people visited you and spent money on your services at least once. Give them a reason to try you again.
2. Do ask for referrals.
Put a statement at the bottom of your emails and newsletters, and the back of your business cards: “We grow our company through referrals from satisfied customers. If we provided excellent products and services, please tell your friends and colleagues. If we did something wrong, please tell us and we will fix it. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.”
This lets your clients know that you’re serious about providing outstanding customer service and that you appreciate referrals. Some will call you with referrals. Some will let you fix a problem rather than spreading the fact that they’re unhappy to friends, family and social media.
It’s a win-win situation however they respond.
3. Call 3 days after a new client has been to your salon.
The team member who looked after the new client should call 3 days after the visit to make sure everything’s okay. Not only will it leave a good impression on your new client, but it can also be the perfect time to ask for referrals if they’re happy with your service.
4. Save 1% of every transaction in your salon.
At the end of the week, transfer the sum total of those accumulated 1% into a savings account, one that’s hard to access (no card issued). Those savings will be your emergency cash account for payroll or taxes.
5. Review financial statements each month.
This takes less than 30 minutes per month and will enable you to spot minor issues and take care of them before they become a major crises. You will also be able to make good business decisions: knowing where your money is going each month will make you focus on the amounts you spend.
If you’re interested in learning more about how to boost profits of your beauty salon, we’re ready to chat.