August 2020

Posted by | August 31, 2020
Adding truebrow™ to your hair salon services

If you’re looking to expand your hair salon’s treatment offering, TrueBrow™ could be the perfect solution.How easy is it for hair salons to invest in brows?It’s super easy for your...

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Truebrow Kit
Posted by | August 27, 2020
Fuller Eyebrows With Truebrow

With a quick and easy two-step application process, the TrueBrow™ Collection offers you instant fullness, longevity and versatility; regardless of the current condition of your brows.Unlike anything else on the...

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confessions of a barefoot guru
Posted by | August 25, 2020
It’s Outrageous and Kills Your Potential…

Entrepreneurship is probably one of the most exciting adventures we can undertake. In the beginning, it‘s all about creativity, potential and finally building something truly meaningful.  So, what happens? Why does...

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Posted by | August 24, 2020
How To Maximize Email Marketing For Your Beauty Salon

Thanks to mobile phones, people have easy access to their emails anytime and anywhere.Beauty salons are missing out if they’re not taking advantage of this free and effective resource to...

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Stack image of a model
Posted by | August 20, 2020
Top 3 Tips To Make Your Client’s Brow Tint Last Longer

There’s nothing better than that fresh brow feeling for your clients, especially when they’ve been tinted, but what if you could make it last even longer?Follow my top three need-to-know...

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Posted by | August 17, 2020
The Most Drastic Truebrow™ Transformations of All Time

If you follow us on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that we can’t get enough of a good before and after brow makeover.Over the years we’ve seen every kind of...

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Confession cover
Posted by | August 13, 2020
How Lockdown Changed Her Life – Part 1

I know the world is throwing everything at you and the news, well there is very little good news at the moment.So, I decided to be the bearer of the...

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Posted by | August 13, 2020
Top 5 tips to get new clients for your brow salon

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re already an experienced brow stylist looking to grow your business, getting new clients can be tricky. In fact, it’s something I’ve been asked...

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Posted by | August 10, 2020
5 Simple Ways To A More Profitable Beauty Salon

Your passion is the primary driver of your salon’s growth and NOTHING drains your passion more than working for little to nothing.Fortunately, even the simplest ideas can help increase profits....

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Brow Artists International
Posted by | August 6, 2020
How to grow back brows when you’ve over-plucked

With full natural brows now the norm, there’s a lot of women out there with brow envy after the classic at-home overplucking disaster. Growing back eyebrows sounds simple, but anyone...

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