Adding truebrow™ to your hair salon services

If you’re looking to expand your hair salon’s treatment offering, TrueBrow™ could be the perfect solution.

How easy is it for hair salons to invest in brows?
It’s super easy for your hair salon to extend your offering to brows. Training in TrueBrow™ provides a new, unique skill to any beauty technician of any level, from a tenured senior stylist or to a new junior assistant.
With no prior beauty experience needed, training in TrueBrow™ is a great way for new salon owners to make their mark in the beauty industry with minimal cost, space and equipment required.
It’s also an effective way to keep stylists loyal to you. As a team member, they’ll see you’re investing in their skill-set.
How many stylists would you recommend be trained in TrueBrow™?
There is no reason why your full team couldn’t train in TrueBrow™. I would highly recommend a minimum of two stylists initially, so there’s someone always available in your salon to offer the service.
How much is the initial investment for TrueBrow™?
Training starts from as little as $997 and there’s further discount available for additional team members. As part of your investment, you will also receive:
– 50 hours worth of online live feedback classes to support you with your brow work
– Access to an online portal packed with tools and resources for all your brow business needs
– Free advertising materials and business tools so you can keep track of your marketing performance, your cashflow, and the best times to launch promotional campaigns
Want to know more about TrueBrow™ Training?
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