Top 3 Tips To Make Your Client’s Brow Tint Last Longer

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There’s nothing better than that fresh brow feeling for your clients, especially when they’ve been tinted, but what if you could make it last even longer?

Follow my top three need-to-know tips to help prolong your client’s salon-fresh brows.
1. Correct Prepping is Crucial
If you want seriously long-lasting results for your clients, be sure to clean the area with a non-oil based cleanser. You can use any cleanser; no need to buy a cleanser just for brows. But check the ingredients: IT MUST BE OIL-FREE.
2. Make Sure It’s Totally Dry
Tip two is often overlooked or done too quickly. However, if you stop to think what neutralizes tint, it’s water. So be absolutely sure to dry THE BROW HAIR and THE SKIN before applying tint.
PROTIP: Use a little handheld fan; it’s the perfect way to prepare your clients brow for tint.
3. Be Extra Careful with Your Oxidant
Your oxidant needs to be kept in a cool place and out of the light. If you want your client’s brow tint to last, be sure to put the cap on your oxidant immediately after each use and tuck it away in a cupboard or drawer. And always remember to give your oxidant a good shake before every use. 
BONUS TIP: Just a quick reminder to always ask your clients the right questions.

20 years ago, it was rare to have a client use Retin-A, Glycolic Acid or Salicylic Acid, Accutane, etc. Nowadays, many clients use these solutions in the salon and at home. So be sure to ask your clients each time if they’ve changed their skin care program to prevent any reactions to their skin. Of course, skin patch tests are your best safeguard. 
Tinting a brow can make such a superb difference to a client’s appearance. If you do it right, the results should last up to at least 2-3 weeks and look amazing.
We’d love to hear from you! If you have any tips for making brow tint last longer, be sure to share them in the comments below.
Keep shining!