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The Power of Cycles

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This episode is inevitable and a lifesaver.

Why, you might ask…?

Because far too many entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, through a simple misunderstanding, have regular internal dialogues with their inner critic.

They believe the inner critic is actually their ally… WHAT!?

Now, I know this is simply a load of BS, but if you are in constant inner dialogue with your inner critic, it is likely that you may believe ‘she’ is a necessary part of your success.

You couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, the opposite is true.

So, this week Toby and I take you through in detail one of the most powerful pieces of knowledge that will, if you are willing to unhinge yourself from needing this debilitating and life-sucking thought-system, lead you to success faster.

The inner critic is a thought system and that’s it. If you need it and have some form of use for it, then it will show up. It will suck your energy as you offer it your belief and your power and it will inevitably, leave you feeling depleted.

Is this what you want for 2021? Not on my watch, lady!

Find a quiet space… This episode is just for you and your new way of seeing your life and your business. You will soon understand how productive you can be and how to use the cycles of life in a way that is encouraging, inspiring and most of all, leaves you feeling uplifted; fulfilled.

Ready to go, wise one?