Take a Walk In Your Clients’ Shoes and Do More Business

The adage makes sense: treat others as you would want to be treated. If you could spend some time in your clients’ shoes, you’d understand them a little better. It’s no secret that the more you understand your clients, the more you can solve their problems and help them achieve their goals.

Many salon owners profess to be client-focused, but the majority of them are seller-focused. They talk about customer service but few excel at delivering it. Ever wondered what it would be like to walk a mile in your clients’ shoes? Is your salon making a positive impression every step of the way?

Here’s my guide to designing your salon client service journey:
1. The Booking Process
Is the phone answered quickly, accurately and professionally? Is the booking process easy and smooth? Are enquiries answered satisfactorily and converted to bookings?
2. The Client Arrival
What is your salon meet and greet procedure when the client shows up? Is there a friendly atmosphere in reception?
3. The Consultation
Is the consultation process carried out correctly, exploring lifestyle, stress levels, personal needs and client concerns? Does the therapist collect enough information to enable her to do a highly effective treatment? Are client details recorded at all?
4. The Schedule
Are your services running on time?
5. The Beauty Therapist
Is she well-presented and well-groomed? Is she wearing your company uniform with pride? Is she smiling and polite? Is she attentive to the client’s needs? Does she call the client by her name? Can she offer opinions and give recommendations?
6. The Service
Is the treatment room, couch and trolley perfectly ready and laid out? Does the therapist explain the procedure thoroughly to the client? Are you using quality material and products used? Does the therapist give 100% attention to the treatment and to the client? When the treatment is finished, what happens next?
7. The Wrap-Up
Is the client escorted back to reception? Is the client encouraged to rebook? Are her products stylishly wrapped and placed in special carrier bags? Is she escorted to the door when the payment transaction is completed?
It’s amazing how different your salon looks when you’re seeing it through the client’s eyes. This changes your perception, helping to increase the appeal of your salon to clients, resulting in repeat customers and an increase in beauty retail.
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