Top Tips To Improve The Client Experience in Your Salon

Your client experiences can make or break your salon, which is why making sure your team members understand the art of delivery and dialogue are the two most essential components in building positive experiences.

Here are a few quick tips for enhancing your customer service:
The key to looking friendly and trustworthy.
Consider your client experiences from the outside in: as a new client, the butterflies in your stomach can be very real! It can be incredibly nerve-wracking to trust a new team member who has never worked with you before.
However, your team can help them feel more at ease by making sure they are using direct eye contact and smiling. In fact, smiling and eye contact has been scientifically proven to be perceived as more honest, which promotes trust in the client-service provider relationship and increases the average amount of money a client will spend.
Always dress to impress.
Implementing a dress code at your salon creates a look of unified professionalism. The dress code for your team members highly influences the first impression that your clients form about your salon.
While salons are filled with creative and artistic people, their clothes should reflect the overall brand of the business and let their work speak for itself. Keeping a simple and neutral dress code will allow for more attention and focus to be placed on the client.
Dressing for success will create positive impressions that keep your clients coming back for more and make rebooking in the future more likely.
Master the art of communication.
Ensuring that you or your team members establish clear communication with a client is key. From the moment they enter the salon to when they’re checking out, it’s essential to make the client experience both relaxing and educational.
For example, it’s important for you and your team to consult with clients. Find out what your clients’ goals are and then of course this makes a perfect transition into a natural retail sale.
The client will feel educated and empowered to make their own decision while you offer up the salon’s best retail.
At the end of the day, clients come to your business to be taken care of, which requires you and your team to maintain a strong, positive, and pleasant experience throughout the duration of the appointment.
With all of these helpful tips, you’ll be sure to build out a consistently incredible experience for your salon clients time and time again.
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