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How to Realize Your Own Power in Business

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No one can gift you power.

Yes, you may be promoted, elected, and perhaps even worshiped. And as you assume powerful roles, people assume that you have power.

But that assumption dissipates over time if you don’t own your power. For authentic power does not come from an external source or important title. True personal power is generated from within.

Owning your power gives you the credibility to be successful. Colleagues and key stakeholders perceive you as influential and effective and seek your opinion and assistance.

Owning your power leads to increased confidence and an understanding of how you can help others make decisions and achieve their objectives.

Owning your power allows you to create and maintain strong relationships both in and out of the workplace.

Owning your power allows you to stand up for yourself, negotiate for yourself, demonstrate your strength while admitting when you’re wrong. It takes power to allow yourself to be vulnerable and compassionate without losing yourself in the process.

The good news is that we all have power. The trick is to connect with it and own it.

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