Not Even a Pandemic Can Stop this Entrepreneur

Elle Wilson awarding ceremony

Wow, it’s October!

I cannot believe it, can you?

Just in case you didn’t know, in 2018 I was honoured to receive the Educator of the Year Award at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards.

The event was out of this world and yet in 2020, the founder, who is one of the most talented women in our industry, hit wall after wall after wall.

But, did this stop her? 

Take the time to listen to how the Founder of Mocha Publishing, the super-talented, Linda Woodhead, turned the ABIA’s around in 2020.

This interview is jammed packed with information any entrepreneur will love and implement in their own businesses. Most importantly, it is your personal invitation to the ABIA event this year, ONLINE!

Join me, I’ll be there and let us celebrate our extraordinary industry together.

Find out how, where and when in the next 20 minutes!

Feet up beauty, it’s time to take a load off.