How to deal with post-lockdown anxiety

By now, most of us in the beauty industry have either returned to work or are getting ready to.

After all those months spent at home, it’s thrilling to finally be able to return to work. But it can also fill you with anxiety, especially when our industry means we have to come into close contact with people. These are uncertain times, so it’s totally fine if you’re uneasy about returning to the job that you love so much.

1. Be informed but don’t overload on information.
One of the most daunting things about going back into salon life is often the unknown. With the constantly evolving situation, right now, it’s hard to keep up. Unfortunately, government guidelines aren’t always the easiest thing to get your head around, but it’s essential. Be sure to follow helpful resources that make it much easier to understand the information that affects you and your business. Stay as up-to-date as you can, but don’t bombard yourself with facts and figures.

If reading isn’t your sweet spot, call and speak with someone, anyone that has all the information you need. When we feel overwhelmed we are simply stuck in our emotional body, reach out for help, there is no need to stay stuck. It works every time.

You can do this!

2. Overcoming the fear of being in close contact.
Probably the biggest anxiety trigger for many of us in the beauty industry is being in close proximity with clients all day, especially when performing intimate beauty treatments. Although it may seem intimidating to be touching people again when we’ve spent months socially distancing, we can assure you that you will be okay. Just be sure to follow all the correct PPE and hygiene procedures to keep you and your clients safe.

3. Get organized.
The last thing you need is any additional worry, so get on top of minor tasks that could end up leading to stressful situations: send out new appointment practices to clients ahead of time, stock up on treatment essentials, etc. It’s better to be over prepared than get caught unawares in the middle of a  busy work day.

4. How are you feeling?
Whether you’re feeling uneasy or unfazed by everything that’s happening, it’s okay. Each one of us has our own way of dealing with stressful situations. Get to know how you deal with pressure and see this as an opportunity to learn and grow. Discover your little weaknesses, heal them and find your inner strength. You have it, I promise.

If you need additional support download my Anxiety Release Mini Course. It’s my gift to you.

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5. You’re not alone
With many in the beauty industry self-employed, it’s easy to feel like you’re on your own. Just remember that you’re part of a community of strong and resilient business owners across the world.

Here at TrueBrow™, we encourage all of our members to support each other via our private Facebook groups: TrueBrow™ Business, TrueBrow™ Education, and The Natural Brow Experts.
These are all uplifting spaces where we encourage our members to ask for help, advice or support if needed. The entire TrueBrow™ family is here for you.

We’re all in this together and only by lifting each other up will the beauty industry make it through the other side, stronger than ever before.