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Lighting the Fire in Your Business

Confession cover

Our beloved industry has been smashed in 2020; undervalued, pushed aside and without clarity or any logical reasoning in some instances. 

However, why has 2020 been the year for many where a new fire has been lit within?

We know this podcast is all about ‘Confessions’ and we also know Elle walks around, as often as possible barefoot, but really this week’s episode is so important. The biggest takeaway is how to find your fire within, why you need to find it, and how it will support you as you rise up and find your rightful place in the marketplace and in your industry.

Business is challenging, so much is out of our control. Find out what is always in your control and how to utilize it like I do and I did in 2020 to have one of our best years ever.

You need this knowledge. You need to know how to make business easier, simpler and more joyful.

Feet up Gorgeous, let’s shine together and reach for those damn STARS!