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Overcoming Betrayal In The Beauty Industry

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How do you see yourself in your business? Ever thought of this? Reflected on it!?Well, I bet this is no surprise to you, but I have!I see myself as pushing all limits, talking about the stuff that so often keeps entrepreneurs stuck and unleashing the greatest power in our universe – creativity.So, this week I am speaking about one of the biggest reasons entrepreneurs in the beauty and hair industry don’t grow their businesses… BETRAYAL!I speak about my personal betrayal and the copycat syndrome, how have I developed my international brands and moved through the pain and the hurt of what others seems to think is just life.Copycats, those that choose to take rather than create, have powerful justifications. They justify their behaviour and find others that think just like them to be their supporters.As entrepreneurs, we live among these types of people and we must thrive in spite of it all.Put your feet up and pour a glass of bubbly for this one!Your success is not hampered by the bad behaviour of others… find out how I do it!Love to you gorgeous!Ellex