March 2021

Confession cover
Posted by | March 31, 2021
Inside Story into Why Brows Are So Messed Up.

Did I really just say that? Yes! And, if you’ve been following along with my podcasts, you would know by now that I will not shy away from the truth.In...

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confessions of a barefoot guru
Posted by | March 19, 2021
Business Isn’t Meant to Hurt. How to bring back the joy!

This week we go deep; deep into my past and how it moulded me to suffer from adrenal burnout at least 3 times in my life. We look at what was...

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Posted by | March 15, 2021
How You Can Increase Your Revenue During COVID-19

Keep reading for strategies for raising your take-home pay, with tips that are tried and true!Stylists and salon owners worldwide are experiencing the most difficult period of their careers. We’ve...

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confessions of a barefoot guru
Posted by | March 11, 2021
The Sure Way to Maintain Consistency with Client Rebooking with Special Guest, Kristy McKenzie

The world is always dishing out something new these days. There are ups and downs for many of us and it really can be for many destabilizing.It is understandable and...

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Posted by | March 8, 2021
The Critical Role of Training in Beauty Salons

Good training produces guaranteed quantifiable benefits. Period. To the client, salon training shows that you value their patronage and want to keep it. To your team, salon training signals that you’re...

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Posted by | March 4, 2021
Facebook Messenger Tips To Grow Your Salon

If someone had a question or wanted more information back in the day, they would have to pick up the phone and speak to someone. Now however, more and more...

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confessions of a barefoot guru
Posted by | March 3, 2021
How to Increase Your Retail Sales Without Sacrificing Your Soul

Deep and gritty, right?There isn’t a beauty professional I know that can deny this feeling and we don’t need to. We are human after all and at times, retailing can...

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Posted by | March 1, 2021
How To Make Your Salon Recession-Proof

Economic downturns have always been a worrisome subject for salon owners: How do you keep sales up when clients cut back on spending? Follow these steps to recession-proof your beauty salon: ...

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