Vedic Astrologer, Sadhu is Back! What’s Happening Right Now and What’s Up Next for You.

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Feeling a little extra pressure these last few days, is the stress mounting? Is your mind doing back flips or are you just experiencing a clarity that is fresh and exhilarating?

Either way, the planets and the stars are in some pretty uncomfortable positions says our TrueBrow™ Resident Vedic Astrologer. The word is that the planetary house is overcrowded. What could this mean to my life and yours, our businesses, our relationships? Sadhu’s insights are inspiring and are so incredibly powerful in helping us move through the next few months.

Whether we believe in Vedic Astrology or not, let’s be honest… The planets, the stars, the moon all have an effect on our bodies, our minds and the cosmos. This is why J.P. Morgan said, “Millionaires don’t have Vedic Astrologers, billionaires do.” I will let you figure that out for yourself.

The update is as follows…Saturn is filled with goodness for those of us devoted to the goodness of transformation and yet, can play havoc if we are pushing back and not seeing the wisdom of going with the flow; deeply knowing our purpose here. 

Discover in this awesome interview why over the next few days staying calm and choosing peace and quiet over expansion will not only be wise but help you to build powerful new ground within for the months to come.

Energising our mental and our physical bodies is not only about exercise and the food we eat, it’s about the entire cosmos and what the collective mind is moving in and through, so says Vedic Astrologer, Sadhu. And gals, it’s making some pretty darn good sense to me today.

The good news is Jupiter. We LOVE Jupiter. In this interview discover the magicalness of this planet according to Vedic Astrology and when it is on the move.

I love that we get to bring more than just the ordinary straight to your favorite device. Let’s step outside of our small-minded selves for an episode of Confessions of a Barefoot Beauty Guru and allow the beauty of the stars and the planets to expand our hearts, our minds and offer us untold insight and wisdom.

Feet up beautiful, you deserve this.




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