Top 5 Habits of Successful Salon Owners

Successful salon owners make it look so easy. How do they do it? What makes them so successful?

1. Successful salon owners take care of themselves.
People who don’t take care of themselves can’t expect to take care of anyone else. Successful salon owners know that clients and staff suffer if their performance is not top notch every day, so they make sure they get their beauty sleep and exercise, eat a healthy diet, and get enough time away from work to do things that they enjoy doing.

2. Successful salon owners make time for their team.
Any good leader knows that their team is the heart of the business. If the team is not happy, clients are going to be affected. Good leaders make time to support the needs of their team, then empower them to get on with the job. Get to know your team members, discover what makes them thrive, what ignites them to do more, be more for you and your brand. 

3. Successful salon owners are organized.
Successful salon owners make time in a busy calendar for the things that need doing. For example, their daily agenda will have time set aside for meetings, business planning, and other activities not directly involving team members and clients. Most importantly, they stick to it.

4. Successful salon owners systemize and automate to save time and effort.
We’re in an age where there are so many exciting and useful tools available to us, and successful salon owners use this to their advantage. They harness the power of the internet and cloud-based software to make their work easier and faster. 

5. Successful salon owners work for the future.
When successful salon owners work to achieve more revenue and increased profit for their businesses, they do so not just because they want to enjoy the finer things in life. They also see it as their responsibility to run their businesses with tomorrow in sight. They see it as their responsibility to protect the future of their team, clients and their own families.

In the early days of starting my business, I thought profit was what I got to take home and spend on cool stuff. I quickly realized that profit was something I had to put back into my business in order for it to grow. I also realized profit needed to be re-invested in other ways to finally understand how financial freedom can be fully realized.

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