How to Collect Client Feedback Like a Pro

Reviews and word of mouth referrals are critical to your salon’s growth. Set your team up for success by giving them tools to get critical business reviews more effortlessly. 

Asking clients for feedback can feel unnatural to beauty salon staff who haven’t already incorporated this practice into their routine. But by providing them with examples of dialogue prompts to aid in navigating these conversations, you’re better setting your team up for success.

Asking for online reviews:
“Thank you so much! You look so beautiful and I love getting to work with you! If you have a minute later today, it would mean so much to me if you could leave a review (and rate your service with me! It helps me out so much.”


“Getting to work with you today was so wonderful! If you could take a minute and just say two or three things you loved about your service or the time you spent with me, it would make such a big difference for my career and growth. I really appreciate it!”

Asking for testimonials or referrals:
“Thank you again! Please let me know if you have any friends or family in your life that you think I’d be able to help with a little TLC. Referrals make a big difference for my business and I’d love to get to work with more people like you!”

“I loved getting to work with you today! Let me know if you have any friends or family looking for a new stylist. I’d really love getting to work with them too since we have such a great connection!”

PRO TIP: Always lead the encounter from a place of gratitude and end the visit with a call to action and a specific period of time for them to leave the review.

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