How to Create Real Strength in Your Business

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Strength. I love that word, do you?

It isn’t the same as power; it has different qualities. It speaks to what one can withstand, how much can one take, how strong one is in the face of adversity…

So, how strong is your business?

2020 showed us the unpredictability of the world. It cannot be relied on to keep us safe, nor financially stable. This new perspective must impress upon us the need to lean into what makes a business strong.

Let’s leave “success” out of the picture for a moment as too often we focus on success and instant gratification and we build businesses that are weak and vulnerable.

This week, let’s take you through a strengthening exercise for your business in this new world of ours.

Feet up, relax, imagine what to come next is a brand new era for you and your business.

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