How To Survive The Ups & Downs of Business

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With all that has gone on in 2020 and now the possibility of ongoing lockdowns, I had a dig through our podcast archives this week to find you a favourite episode of mine on the ups and downs of business.It’s a golden oldie!Let’s be serious for just a moment… In the last 6 months, was there ever a time that you had the thought pop up to shut your business doors, permanently?It’s a common thought when business is up one week and down the next… but, 2020 seemed to take that up a notch. It can be emotionally and mentally exhausting, I get it.So, how do we put our emotions aside and be empowered to be in control and completely aware of our business’s status? It’s only when you “don’t know” that you allow the emotions to overrule. In this episode, we’re talking numbers with my favourite business mastermind, Toby Wilson and how we can use numbers to truly understand how your business is running – and the best part, you don’t need to be “good” with numbers, Toby shares the easiest way possible!Feet up, Gorgeous! LoveEllex

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