In Demand or Forgettable?

Confession cover

I loved this episode because it is devoted to making a beauty business owner’s life easier, more enjoyable and rewarding.

We all started in this industry because we were passionate about beauty and creativity. So, let me ask you what happens? Where does all the enjoyment, the magicalness, go?!

Let’s talk about the one piece of the puzzle that is often overlooked, left out, not even considered when being in business. 

Let me tell you something lady, no man would EVER leave out this step. 

Why? Because without it, they can’t plan, they have no clarity and everything becomes overwhelming.

We don’t need to become like a man to find our way in business, to achieve greatness. But, we do need to take heed of the essential steps to greatness.

Feet up, awesome one! Time to slow down, so you can speed up.





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