How To Market Your Small Business on Social Media

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Social media for small businesses begins with strategy and clarity.

The key word being strategy.

So before we begin with fab tips here is one question for you.

Are you collecting your clients email addresses and if so, congratulations that is one of your first powerful business activities. There are of course many more but we need to begin, right?

Now over the years in business I cannot share how many times email addresses have been misspelled. My staff or even me in a rush between clients not getting it right. Even my clients often right illegibly. DON’T let this happen to your business. Read back every email address and ask for it to be confirmed.

The reasons are many however as you learn to use social media for your business you will understand the extraordinary value of your LIST in growing a successful business and advertising effectively.

Incorrect emails damage your reach and reach is everything in business!

If you must update your customer relation management system do so asap. Managing your customers means EFFECTIVE marketing, it saves you money and builds your business. Do you think this is important?

How would you begin, any ideas ladies?

By the way have you registered for the Business Acceleration Program Webinar this Tuesday 9am AEST? If not ask for the link below.

Big Love to you all.

My joy is watching you all thrive as you build solid businesses you love!

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