How Successful Salon Create Xmas Promotions

confessions of a barefoot guru

Let’s be honest, by now you would be 150% sure that my podcast never, ever extends standard perspectives and insights. Have you ever considered why?

Let me say it simply; the marketplace is noisy and standing out is for the select few. It sounds sad and believe me, I have empathy, but you don’t know what you’re missing until you know.

So, if you are with me and you feel like all you are achieving right now is average and it ain’t fulfilling you or your bank balance, then stick around and let’s make 2021 your biggest and best year ever.

Opening up your arms to success and finally achieving not only the information, but also the willingness to be successful is a phase all entrepreneurs move through. 

Some survive it. Yep, that’s the word… And then go on to THRIVE! 

And some don’t. Each of us decides who we will be.

Let us break up with the idea that there are lucky entrepreneurs out there. There aren’t.

In this week’s episode, we will be sharing more of what the top 100 most successful entrepreneurs use Xmas promotions for. You will also be invited to my private ‘Salon Success Club.’ Yay!

So now, because I am almost 95% sure you have been standing on your feet all day long, go and find a quiet space. Find a wall and place your bottom right up against it. Gently slide your legs all the way up. Lie down. It’s time for you, Beautiful. Let the blood now run all the way towards that gorgeous, generous heart and finally press PLAY.

This episode is filled with so many goodies and guess what… you can listen to it as many times as you wish!

For now, just listen and no need to take notes. The second time around take notes, write down your own insights and your plan for Xmas promotions. 

If you need support simply write your question in my private Facebook Group – Salon Success Club and we will help out. 





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