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Physical Pain and Premature Aging…is there a link?

If there was one solution I could offer anyone, it would have to be to be free of physical pain. Most specifically lower back pain and shoulder pain. I have suffered from this condition for over 8 years…

Why am I sharing this on our on the Brow Artists International Brow Blog because our beauty, whether it is brow beauty or just beauty overall is linked inexplicably to our wellness and our health. I look forward to sharing with you among our brow work and brow news, so much more in the hope of supporting the longevity of your beauty, naturally.

Let’s look at the connection and why physical pain is so damaging to our beauty…
Not only does physical pain hurt, it also causes stress hormones to soar through our bodies, causing inflammation and other serious medical problems and from the perspective of beauty stress causes premature aging, in this it is unyielding. Undoubtedly it also affects our emotional wellbeing, often shutting us down within.

How do I know? Read on…

Most of you know I have been a beauty professional for 30 years and I am delighted to say how totally in love with beauty I still am. Looking back, even as a little girl, I saw beauty everywhere. Beautiful women, beautiful homes, designer clothes or cars, my eye was always drawn to exquisite design. In hindsight it is absolutely no surprise I find myself the creator and principal trainer of Brow Artists International.

My love for quality and exquisite design finally found its rightful place in the beauty industry. However, it wasn’t always this way. Now it seems I am confronted with the challenges of sitting in front of a laptop all day, the work might be different however the physical pain and suffering that came with years upon years of standing and working with clients wasn’t about to leave.

Did I try everything?

Always predisposed to natural therapies I found myself trying everything under the sun. My back and shoulder pain was hard enough to endure but what was worse was the effect it had on my mind and my emotional wellbeing. I was nearly always in pain. Whether it was dull and aching or sharp, it was there most of the time.

From a deeper perspective I knew I could find peace, even when my body was in pain, by deeply relaxing. I often did this and felt solace in the beauty of stillness however the ongoing stress in my body from the physical pain ultimately led me to be diagnosed with adrenal fatigue. I was devastated. I discovered that Adrenal fatigue, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia were some of the conditions many women suffer from.

I found myself exhausted; climbing the stairs in my salon and at home was painful and devastating. Looking up to the top of the stairs it felt as though Mount Everest was before me. Awful, right!

My back pain began disturbing my sleep patterns, pain was with me falling asleep and as I woke. There seemed to be little reprieve if any at all.

I honestly believe my osteopath put down a deposit on his house from my frequent visits. The amount of money I spent searching for short lived relief was astounding. However it wasn’t only my osteopath, I remember the time I tried the very ancient Chinese family massage system that had helped many people with their medical conditions. I was desperate. Mind you, I adored my practitioner however I just didn’t have the stomach for the pain I had to endure during my sessions with her. I could never understand how massaging a tiny little part of my big toe could be so excruciating. Finally, I decided against torturing myself and began researching again.

My next adventure led me into the arms of a lovely woman who specialised in biodynamic osteopathy. At $80 a session I lay on the treatment bed and wondered if she was really doing anything at all. Four sessions later it became clear I really didn’t have a life time to heal.

My condition became chronic and I had very little choice before me but to sell our salon. Self-love came first and no matter what I did I simply couldn’t find the solution to my lower back and shoulder pain. Looking back it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life that I may never have started if I didn’t move on and sell my business. At the time leaving behind my beautiful clients was sad; however taking care of me was my highest priority.

Years later the pain persisted, even exercise felt as though it just wasn’t really helping. My lower back fatiguing quickly even with walking. I soldiered on as one does. I began taking practitioner grade supplements and had frequent visits to practitioners to keep my body well. Nothing really made it better until someone mentioned a new revolutionary training program. This little known exercise program has changed my life. Just following a short three minute video each day relieved my back pain.

Three minutes sounds like a very small amount of time, yet this training program is not called foundation training for nothing. It has allowed my spine to decompress, building the larger muscles groups in my body first. It is foundationally amazing!

I feel so privileged to have the ability to share with other women what has been so transformational for me. It is in fact a blessing. I see my life as a brilliant journey. Sharing the triumphs with you is my way of sharing the love… remember soldiering on is stressful not only to our bodies but to our emotional wellbeing and our beauty.

Taking time out for yourself can often involve guilt or with all our other responsibilities simply doesn’t seem important enough.

I hope this is a gentle reminder of how wonderful and important you are. I would so love to hear from you.

Be Love Evolving

Elle x

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