The Power of Eyebrows

Truebrow cover photo

With the popularity of makeup mega stores like Sephora and the glamorous counters of Nordstrom, Macy’s and Saks it’s astonishing how many women forget the obvious. The face-framing, counter-balancing, potentially poignant brow. It can be a war zone if left unattended and a battlefield if bombed by a “specialist” that doesn’t respect the brow.

Enter the cavalry, a.k.a. Brow Artists International. The world’s first comprehensive brow training organization dedicated to discarding textbook guidelines and encouraging a new wave of brow professionals in the marketplace. Armed with a program that took 14 years to create, BAI empowers true specialists to respect the brow’s power to bring the face’s beauty to the fore.

So says Master Trainer and Co-Founder Elle Wilson, “A true Master Brow Artist is highly skilled at creating the perfect reflection of beauty between the brow and the eye. Highly skilled Brow Artists trained by Brow Artists International know how to find beauty in the soft lines, perfect flow, and breathtaking connection carried in each aspect of the brow’s potential. The beauty is in the harmony. This is the key ingredient of the Brow Artists International Ultimate Brow.”


“Nothing binds you expect your thoughts; nothing limits you except your fear; nothing controls you except your beliefs.” Marianne Williamson