Natural Brow Do’s & Don’ts

Here are my top 3 absolute do’s and don’ts when it comes to natural brows:

1. Don’t: Use black tint on your eyebrows.
If someone wants to tint your eyebrows using black tint, I want you to get up from the beauty bed, head for the exit and don’t stop until you reach home.
Black is never a tinted color you want to use on your face, no matter what color your hair or your eyebrows are: it’s too harsh, and it’ll only make you look older.
2. Don’t: Use black eyebrow pencils.
Eyebrow pencils, in general, are off the table for us here at TrueBrow™.
Why? Brow pencils are only coloring your skin and not the brow hair itself.
This is why we developed the TrueBrow™ Collection because there was no product available in the market that could fill this need of really working with the brow hair and the skin, at the same time.
If you’re going to use pencils at all, even if you have really dark hair, stick to the darkest color that’s not black for your brow pencil.
And most importantly…
3. Do: Go to a TrueBrow™ Specialist.
There are some risks we just aren’t willing to take in life.
Ordering sushi from a fast food restaurant? Nope.
Telling a room of Game of Thrones fans that we actually liked the series finale? Never.
And messing with the shape of our eyebrows? Absolutely not.
We know all too well the dreadful aftermath of over-plucking, so we consider our eyebrows sacred territory.
So please don’t touch your brows at home; don’t do any tweezing in-between visits to your TrueBrow™ Specialist.