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My Life, My Choice

Confession cover

Hello Darling,

The title of this podcast was absolutely deliberate, but it has a different quality depending on where you are in your heart when you hear it.

This code I will be sharing, I have shared before, however it absolutely never, ever gets old.


Because until we don’t need to be reminded, we need it.

It was such a powerful shift for me when I GOT it.

Before that the inner critic was blazing away and I found my energy lagging at times. This is what we call “leaking energy”. I was giving away my power and wondering why I felt so exhausted, tired.

We are an unlimited source of energy and this very belief changes how we move in the world, but first let’s remember THIS code I share with you today and make our lives about what we love.

Feet up beauty, it’s time to open your heart and let the truth in.




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