How To Build Your Own Dream Team in Business

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By Elle Wilson

You can’t fake it, jump over it or somehow sidestep the staffing issue.

But is it the staff… or is it?

Successful people with ‘meaningful lives’ see their growth as the core of their business. In fact, I could even go as far as to say their evolution is even more important than their success.

Consider for a moment the profound shift within this offers you. No longer striving for success as something that is outside of you or something that you will manifest ONE day. Rather, every tiny time you take a step towards it you are evolving, growing, changing and that becomes your reference for success.

Can you feel the goodness in that? Perspective changes everything!

When you find within you a purpose that moves your heart, touches you deeply and you make this your life purpose, there is nothing you will not do. This is why knowing your true purpose holds so much power. It offers you a reference point, something to come back to when times get tough and they will.

For a woman who wants to grow her business, staff are a foregone conclusion. You need them for your business to grow. You cannot live without them. For your dream business to manifest you must have staff, a team of extraordinary women.

Building this team is secondary to you really reflecting on your own conscious and unconscious beliefs about people, maybe even women.

Our external challenges are found within us in the way we see others, our fears, what we believe about people/women. Every belief you have you will need to cross, so now is the time to get real!

When I look back at my staff over the years, I wish I knew then what I know now.

This is really the reason I am so passionate about this topic. The veil has been lifted and I can see. When I began looking at my beliefs about staff, women, the world, the younger generation, the aesthetics industry, I began to see that I wasn’t really choosing my staff, my old outdated beliefs were. I was making BIG mistakes and realized there was no one to blame, not even myself, just lessons to learn.

Our Beliefs Create The Outcome

Let’s start with why we need to look at what we believe.

Our beliefs create our experiences, just in case you forgot this or hadn’t heard it before. So whenever we want to create change, we need to look at what we believe and how this affects our life.

When you begin to see a belief, therein lies the beginning of your freedom from it. You don’t need to change it or fix it, simply see it clearly and honestly.

Let me give you an example:

“You can never trust your staff”
“Staff will always betray you”
“People are not trustworthy”

Wow, can you see how we hold onto these outdated and painful beliefs and as we go out looking for our incredible team we attract the very quality of people we don’t want. Because no matter how hard you try you can never bypass your beliefs.

But what if rather than being afraid of them, we use them to grow. There may be some truth in the statements above and some people may be all or one of those things. However, if you take these statements to heart, you will make them true.

There is a part within us all that is afraid and it simply cannot be allowed to run our business life, or any part of our life.

Let’s go back to being free, it’s sounds brilliant, right? Who doesn’t want to be free?

However, when we really consider what this means, it’s both deep and meaningful. It means that you will no longer be controlled by conditioned beliefs about staff.

Remember your experiences are not independent of YOU! To create change or the success you want in your life, you must first look at what you are holding onto within that isn’t true; the fear that ultimately becomes negativity and is devastating to your success.

Awareness Equals Strength

Imagine if you for a moment didn’t believe any of the statements above and one of your staff members skipped town with all of your clients. You would take immediate action and take care of the situation.

You wouldn’t suffer or even feel defeated and depressed. You may feel hurt and that’s totally fine and a healthy reaction, but it wouldn’t stop you from growing, evolving or permanently damage YOU in any way. You will continue on and be free of all the debris of someone else’s bad actions.

It’s time to really consider how to avoid this last scenario and this is the best part of this issue…

This article isn’t for people who want to run a business and struggle, play the blame game and ultimately be left unhappy, drained and defeated.

This issue is for women who know they can have a meaningful business and a meaningful life AND they will be the creator of this beautiful life.

The more you begin to see what you believe within, whether these beliefs are part of your cultural or family conditioning (who cares – it isn’t important), you will begin to open your mind in a new way to new possibilities and powerful authentic people. The more authenticity you come from the more authenticity you will attract. What is important is that you are aware.


Because you will know what core values and characteristics you want in your team. You will understand the importance of knowing whom you want to share your success and your workday with.

We let staff in, into our lives and into our livelihood, so doesn’t it make sense that we need to know what they value, who they are and what is important to them.

One thing that is impossible to do is change people. You can show them through example but you haven’t got time in your busy schedule to take on people who need saving.

Here’s a thought for you… if we are speaking about our beliefs and getting all down and vulnerable, I will share a story with you which you might relate to.

I have a very long beauty career to choose from and so I am going to choose a powerful example for you, one that really did change my business life.

You see, I went through a staffing crisis at one stage in my career. It was devastating.

So as one does, I began to dig deeply within. I looked at my choices and how I was choosing my staff. This was a time when I was quite exhausted and being overworked and tired doesn’t really bring out the best in any of us.

In my deep reflection it became obvious I was choosing what I now call ‘works in progress’ employees that needed me to help them grow and somehow, I felt safety in this.

Excuses Are Poison

I realized during this time in my career, I wasn’t choosing well.

Was it because I was so tired and leaning towards the ‘saviour complex’?

I don’t know, but as these girls began to let my clients and I down, I began to realize that the responsibility for change really rested in me.

I had to re-evaluate my core values and look for the same in them. I had to consider what were the characteristics I needed and wanted and make choices that were solid and non-negotiable.

“Negotiate” – this is so powerful. I want you to consider how often you negotiate with something you really know within.

Each of us has an inner intelligence that more often than not, when we listen, lets us know when we are making a bad choice. I learnt to listen and never negotiate with my inner guidance.

How often do you negotiate with your inner voice?

Once you begin to create your ideal team, it’s time to become the worthy leader they are looking for.

Be the woman who cares about their future, the woman who doesn’t see them as staff and therefore inferior, but rather, sees them as women who have dreams of their own.

Get to know what their dreams are and work with your team to help them reach their goals.

Remember, they are not there to fulfill your dreams. If you want to attract and manifest your incredible team, you must relate to them as the powerful women they are, bringing out the very best in them and giving them a life they cannot manifest without you.

Let it Go!

So remember, take a moment to reflect.

If you haven’t got the staff you need or never have had staff, begin by checking in to what it is you want from your incredible team.

Who are they? What do they love? How do they behave? Are they proactive women? Game changers? Loyal? Are they solution oriented?

You can have whatever you want. Be BOLD and deliberate. Create your incredible team.

What is really powerful is as you are building this team keep checking in to the little voice within that will tell you it isn’t possible; listen to it, write down it’s doubts and know these are the very beliefs you need to let go.

When we evolve as women, we evolve by letting go of our old beliefs, not taking them with us. It is a complete and total transformation. Be the woman your incredible team needs you to be NOW!

In an upcoming issue we will be discussing how to offer your incredible team a meaningful and awesome work experience that helps them grow, helps them evolves as woman as you offer them a future in your organization that empowers both you and them.

What awesome issues we have coming up for YOU!