How Different Brow Design and Restoration Options Affect Your Brand

There is a direct correlation between brand image and the brow options that you make available to your clients. How your salon approaches brows is telling to your clients, and, as you well know, what occurs inside your salon doesn’t stay there. It walks out, face forward for all the world to see. Choose your approach to brow beauty wisely.

Whoever coined the phrase, beauty knows no pain, never underwent microblading. Microblading is an industry favorite that can increase short-term revenue to salons that offer the procedure, and some women love the results they receive from microblading. But there are genuine risks involved: there is no standard for independent testing of microblading professionals. And though it is often marketed as a “semi-permanent makeup”, microblading is a form of tattooing, and it’s as permanent as any other tattoo. Even well-applied pigments can fade or bleed, and some clients will in time opt for laser removal of part or all of their microbladed brows, leading to further brow and skin damage.

As implementation can cause permanent defects, microblading should really be considered as a last resort option. Still, microblading is being utilized at epidemic proportions, and often by under-trained professionals. Why is that? Most beauty professionals offering microblading honestly think they are offering a wonderful service. They may not realize there are other options available, options that will restore the beauty of a woman’s brows without exposing her to potential permanent damage, causing her needless suffering. Using rulers and thread can often create the incorrect shape on a woman’s face, not just until her next appointment but in some cases for years. Brow design is just that – design – and without adequate training in world class design principles, the results will always be less than ideal. Don’t you, and your, clients deserve better?

 Another technique is threading, an ancient technique used to remove hair. It was applied to women in ancient times that had a lot more brows to work with, and simply doesn’t work for women with fine and fragile brows.

In doing the necessary research, it is clear that microblading, tattooing, threading, henna and brow extensions can all result in undesirable outcomes, and though some professionals can execute these techniques with success, without certification, those individuals can be difficult to identify. Set your salon apart. Brows deserve so much more, and so does your salon. It’s a misunderstanding that brows won’t grow back. Restoration is possible, and doesn’t require the discomfort associated with microblading. The TrueBrow System offered by Brow Secrets International has no side effects and clients are ecstatic when given real brow restoration options, offered by confident and trained professionals who can design, correct, transform and restore brow beauty free hand. That’s the Brow Secrets International way, and it can be yours too. Your clients will love you for it.