Grow Your Client Base By Marketing To Men

For the majority of salons, men make up a very small portion of the client base: generally less than 5 percent. However, salon owners are beginning to realize growth opportunities by developing new and innovative ways to entice more men through their salon doors.

Like every other market category, the challenge is always twofold: (1) how to attract the client into your salon and (2) how to convert them to a long-term client.  Here are my top tips for increasing your male salon clients:
1. Rethink Your Advertising
If you include advertising in your marketing plan, place ads where men tend to read. Think the sports and business sections in magazines or websites. For example, promote your Valentine’s Day gifts in the weekend game schedule.
2. Market Your Services as Gifts
The most valuable male customer is the one buying a gift for someone special: wife, girlfriend, mother, sister. Create an email list that is male-specific for marketing your salon services as great gift selections and make it easy for him to buy from you.
3. Upsell New Treatments
If he is buying gifts from you on a regular basis, introduce special treatment just for men. The treatments don’t have to be different from the ones you offer to female clients, they just have to sound more male focused.
4. Get The Girls To Do The Selling
One of the easiest ways to lure him into your salon is through her: the wife, girlfriend or daughter. Christmas, Father’s Day, Birthdays: these are all great opportunities to introduce your services to men. Send out an email to your female clients reminding them to think of you when they’re thinking of buying for him.
5. Go For The Body
Most spas report that their number one service preferred by men is massage therapy, whether it’s to relieve pain from sports or fitness-related activities, or just to reduce stress levels.
6. Boys Night Out
Try a ‘men only’ day or evening, so all your male appointments are booked in during the same time. This will be easier for men who are nervous about coming to an all-female environment.
If you find attracting and building a male clientele increases your income, then you have a new market to build on. If not, at least you tried. Remember that nothing ventured, nothing gained.
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