Do Your Research Before Supporting A Brand

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By Elle Wilson

I simply could not believe the horribly mutilated brow that was being touted on Instagram.

First I was shocked at the standard of work and secondly and most importantly, that the beauty professional believed this work deserved sharing. I warn you during this issue, I may even come across a little strong and this is purely because a woman’s beauty and your business depends on this.

I will not hide in the corner, fearful of the repercussions. I will stand up for you and for your businesses. If you want what is best and can side step the personal too strive to become better, you will never, ever shy away from what you know deep inside is true.

Real Change Takes Bravery

When we take things personally, we defend ourselves, using our opinions and our emotions to shield ourselves from the fullness of feeling. Sometimes embarrassment and hurt can be the entrance to real change.

Are you prepared to stop your growth by avoiding your feelings?

This isn’t a child’s game any longer. We are adults and need to learn how to enter the world of adult entrepreneurship. Taking all matters personally, regardless where it comes up (in your relationship with your children, your partner/husband, your clients and your suppliers) is simply you saying, “I don’t want to grow and you can’t make me.”

The universal law is what stands out to me here more than anything else… YOU CAN’T MAKE ME!

Wow, if only you knew how true this statement really was. No one is coming to save you. You are the one who chooses. You are the one who decides whether or not you grow and evolve into the infinite goodness and love that you actually are.

It is your turn to shine when you say yes, drop your shield and BE in your life. One of the most powerful references for you to determine when you are saying no is when the shield goes up and you take matters personally. When you begin to create stories and justifications for why you are right to shield yourself from being in your life fully.

So yes, it is true. I am often aghast with the brows I see; brows micro-bladed which could be easily restored naturally… micro-blading done so poorly, compromising a woman’s beauty within two hours… how sad.

So what? Who needs to change?

Learn From The World Around You

The beauty industry isn’t very different to every other industry in the world. Look at food…

There are food companies, even though they may be outnumbered and not have as millions of dollars behind them to advertise heavily, that care about what they are manufacturing. They care about the end user, YOU. Their ingredients are carefully selected and the end products are pro your health.

Others see a hungry marketplace and produce food that holds little to no nutritional value and fulfil the unfulfilled desires of the world. Food that will tantalise your tastebuds, give you a hit and compromise your health. It really is that simple.

Where there is a demand someone will produce a product/service to fill it. What is the deciding factor that determines how? The values and the principles of the owner.

Can you read this again please?

It is one of the most important lessons you can learn. It will help you as your business grows to select an extraordinary team, sell exceptional products. It will help you select partners, husbands, friends, business colleagues and the list goes on. There is no middle ground here.

So let’s move out of food and come back to beauty.

Every aspiring beauty professional has to at some point consider their training options.

After all, education is essential to offering your clients what they really want.

It has often been said by many, that your true education in this industry begins when you have completed your beauty therapy/aesthetic/cosmetology education. I believe in many ways this is true. Here is where you begin to decide who you want to be in this industry and what you want to build.

Now, we are getting to the fleshy stuff.

How do you make these choices? If you have not taken the time to consider your own values and principles, change the ones that are outdated and no longer serving your desire for a meaningful life and come from the ones that do, you will find detours and challenges everywhere.

Is this necessary? Only if you don’t take the time to discern and to look, not at the world, but at YOU.

Let’s go back to truth, to universal law; the only thing in this entire existence you cannot by-pass. If this is so, it’s important, right?

Trying to find the loophole will leave you living a life that is empty of real meaning, depth, true satisfaction and you will struggle. If this isn’t enough to make you sit down and take a look, maybe it just aint the right time.

Notice What You Are Noticing

When we look at a hungry market we notice demand and supply magically weaving their web.

A hungry market is an entrepreneurs dream and what is YOUR greatest ally here? What will help you make the most powerful decisions for your business and your career? Values and principles.

Begin with yours and you will attract the same. You will know when you have been attracting something less than what you value and hold dear. It will become easier and easier over time. Practice, as they say, makes perfect.

Now, if you make your buying decisions based for example on price, you will find that every man and his dog with a solution for your desire. Two day trainings that will promise you the world and leave you with no confidence and less money in your back pocket.

Furthermore, when you base your decisions on what you can afford, you will also project this onto your clients and your future clients.

This one value will limit your ability to price appropriately in your business and also to make choices based on what is best for you and your business.

Again another powerful paragraph, this issue isn’t a quick read. However, it is in fact the beginning of real change, if you want it.

Book out your appointment schedule and re read it many times. Reflect on the content and begin creating a life you are worthy of.

Each time I see a brow on social media that is compromised, I know values and principles have attracted each other. Like attracts like in that moment.

For some, we have very strong and high values and principles and we can fall into a bad situation, losing money, time and our dignity. We didn’t think it through and moved forward governed by our desire, rather than what we hold dear and know is of the highest value. How do I know? I have been there many times and it’s painful. It’s in fact, harmful.

Your brow training, any training, must always be considered with the utmost care.

Consider this… just because someone can create a nice brow, every now and again, this doesn’t mean they can achieve this consistently and certainly doesn’t mean they are an extraordinary trainer, or even slightly good at training.

Making a decision about someone’s training course, just because you have seen their work and love it, is the wrong way to choose. Look harder. Look at the work of their certified students, not their students in training. What is the level of work and who are they certifying?

Once again if this didn’t land, read it again and again until it does. Because the fact is, it is so easy to train. You can walk in and walk out, get clients and then leave behind a mess. Students certified in two days who have no real idea how to perform the skill they are now ‘experts’ in and left feeling less than confident.

There are always two sides to this problem; one is the end consumer of the now “certified professional” and the other is the professional themselves.

For those who walk away believing they now have a skill and begin working on their clients, producing work that is not only compromising the brow but damaging it, the consequences will be the worst over time.

Beauty is seen. Beauty has a resonance and it cannot be faked.

For those who walk away without skill have suffered as I mentioned earlier, not only through their dignity, but loss of money also.

Look Behind the Curtain

What are the values, the principles of the trainers or the training organization you are selecting? Dig deep and discover the truth. Look at who they certify and see the consistent quality graduates are producing. This is a powerful way to discern.

You have the right to quality training and mentoring. You deserve the very best only if you know the difference. Make sense? If not, go back and take another look. I promise if you keep reading this issue, the penny WILL drop and YOU will change your life.

P.S. You’re a’ha moments are so important to me, sharing them is sharing the love. So take a moment and share, I cannot wait to hear from you xx.

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