December 2020

confessions of a barefoot guru
Posted by | December 22, 2020
How to Make it Easier Rather than Hard

Have you ever resisted making your business easier? Even when the gift is right under your nose, you scoff and say no? We have all done it at certain times in...

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Posted by | December 17, 2020
How to Define Your Salon Personality & Create a Platinum Brand

I’m obsessed with branding. From colors, to ways of writing, to a brand’s sense of humor… and don’t get me started on clever catch phrases.For an industry that’s called the...

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Confession cover
Posted by | December 16, 2020
Boost Your Retail Sales this Xmas

Would you describe yourself as a grabber or a contributor?I know it sounds harsh, but when we face how we see ourselves and then ask ourselves how we are being...

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Posted by | December 14, 2020
The No.1 Thing Salon Owners are Giving Up to “Have It All”

So what exactly are salon owners giving up in order to “have it all”?The answer: THEIR HAPPINESS.This is our last video exploring our wonderful theme all about our intimate relationships...

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Posted by | December 10, 2020
Do You Really Know Your Partner?

Have you ever considered HOW your intimate relationship was affecting your business?Or were you convinced that they had nothing to do with each other?In this video, I’ll discuss how you...

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Confession cover
Posted by | December 8, 2020
The Power of Cycles

This episode is inevitable and a lifesaver.Why, you might ask...?Because far too many entrepreneurs in the beauty industry, through a simple misunderstanding, have regular internal dialogues with their inner critic.They...

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Posted by | December 7, 2020
How Your Intimate Relationship is Affecting Your Salon Success

You’re probably thinking: “What do my intimate relationships have to do with my beauty business?”The short answer: EVERYTHING!The strength that your intimate relationship holds and the power it yields, is...

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