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The No. 1 Strategy to Get More Salon Clients Despite the Pandemic

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Presenter: Elle Wilson

One of the beauty industry’s most respected thought leaders. 
Creator and Co-Founder of TrueBrow™
International Brow Brand and Training Academy

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The Success Stories Of Entrepreneurs Using My #1 Strategy

Sabrina Ehlis
Minnesota, USA

Sky Williams
Virginia, USA

Kelsie Stajcar
Iowa, USA

Olivia Depis
Alberta, Canada

I have 260+ women on my waitlist and it shows no signs of slowing down. Elle Wilson has given me the edge I only dreamed of in my salon. I have become the wildly in-demand natural brow specialist in my city. You can too. Elle has given me so much. My business and my profits are soaring even though all I offer is one service – TrueBrow™ premium brow treatments. It’s incredible!

Freya Tippett
Victoria, Australia

My business has boomed, my clientele has tripled and I now have a waiting list of more than 80 women wishing to have their brows done by me. Elle Wilson has given me the skills, confidence, and strategy to transform a woman’s beauty through her natural brows. I would have never known how to restore a natural brow without the use of Elle’s original system. The incredible support and love by Elle and all the TrueBrow™ family is endless.

Alice Shieh
Seattle, USA

Elle Wilson is the mentor every woman hopes for – wise, firm, gentle, intelligent, and experienced. While she’s a savvy businesswoman and successful entrepreneur, her exceptional quality is her ability to connect and listen. Her openness grants a feeling of safety, and while she’s given me numerous corrections and much advice, I’ve never once felt judged by her. We’ve never wallowed in my problems and she’s always guided me firmly and gently towards progress and clarity.

Bianca Baker
Queensland, Australia

Elle Wilson has given me the point of difference, a certain skill set, a cut above the rest. I didn’t have a steady income at my home salon, but since implementing Elle’s strategy and original system, I’ve grown from my home salon, to renting a room in a hairdresser, to owning my own shop-front with 2 team members.

I honestly can work as much or as little as I like. I always have clients because what we do is amazing!

Mandy Parker
Waitara, New Zealand

Elle, you are truly a beautiful woman inside and out. I love everything about my journey with you and your brand TrueBrow™, and see it well into my future. You have created such a good-natured community and I really do feel so privileged to be a part of it.

I have walked away feeling like a different person – a new version of myself, although funnily enough, it was always there. Such a privilege! Thank you again

Michal Gabriel
Sydney, Australia

Thank you Elle Wilson. I love it that you happened to be part of my world. A leader, an educator, a mentor, THE brow queen and an inspiring figure. Thank you Elle!

Tamara Reneilt
Arizona, USA

I think Elle has the capacity to have you look at yourself and what is really important to you. She honors our differences but what I love about her is that she does go right to the heart of the matter. She doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

100% free right now. Only 100 spots.


Elle Wilson

Elle’s on a mission to shake up the brow industry and redefine natural brow design for women around the world. Her signature principles and techniques have been perfected over her 36+ years in the beauty industry. Now you know why she handpicks each and every one of her students. She then nurtures and empowers them to shape their own future, build their own business, and live their best life while consistently delivering jaw-dropping natural transformations for their brow clients.

Disrupting the status quo.

More inspired than ever, Elle Wilson aims to change the way women think about their brows. So, she has created an in-salon treatment along with a retail product range that raises the bar on ‘natural brow’ potential – the tried and proven TrueBrow™ System complemented by the TrueBrow™ home care kit. 

This timely innovation challenges the status quo in the brow industry. 

With no gimmicks, no risks, no scarring, no bleeding, no skin staining – focusing 100% on your natural brow and elevating it to its healthiest and most beautiful state ever.

Paving the way for aspiring women entrepreneurs.

Elle is revered globally for her creative leadership, her love for women, and compassionate nature, along with her remarkable energy that inspires those around her. She opened up her heart to share her world-leading TrueBrow™ principles by inspiring and empowering women entrepreneurs the world over to reach new heights, personally and professionally. 

Elle shows women how to break down barriers, create their own futures, challenge stereotypes, support freedom of expression, and promote mental wellness. 

Many hundreds of women (and counting!) have already made a name for themselves as the go-to Natural Brow Specialist in their location.

100% free right now. Only 100 spots.

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