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Natural Brow Design & Restoration Program
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I created this course out of a deep desire to save natural brows. Frustrated by fads and trends that were destroying women’s full, beautiful brows, I decided to take the power back on behalf of women everywhere!

I developed and perfected the TrueBrow™ System for over 11 years and now I want to share this knowledge with you and other beauty professionals around the world.


Elle Wilson is an award-winning educator.


Elle Wilson is a renowned business strategist.

If you’re ready to…

Learn timeless skills and strategies that will outlast any fad or trend

Become the premier brow destination in your location

Feel good about how you are caring for your client’s brows will outlast any fad or trend

See the difference a mastery-based
education compares to run-of-the-mill
training programs

Attract high quality clients and keep them
coming back for more

Learn how to build and grow your salon
without paying a single cent on advertising

The TrueBrow™ training is a fun, multimedia program
making learning easy and enjoyable!

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Who is this course for?

You are a solo salon owner looking to
compete and beat the bigger salon chains.

You are looking for a new, more fulfilling and
more rewarding career path.

You are a beauty pro looking to invest in
yourself by undergoing training with the best
of the best.

Here’s what’s


Study from anywhere in the world at your
own pace.


Practical demonstration videos that show
you exactly how to design and restore
every kind of brow.


Practical demonstration videos that show
you exactly how to design and restore
every kind of brow.


Video and audio tutorials to follow
along with, which develop key skills and
bring your learning to life.


Monthly 2-hour Q&A sessions with Elle
Wilson, with each month covering new
strategies and themes.


Your very own online portal, packed
with tools and resources for all your
brow business needs.

More incredible brow transformations
by TrueBrow™ students

By the end of the course, you will…


Discover how to transform even the most
challenging brow problems


Learn design principles and techniques that have
never been shared before with the beauty industry.


Understand the key strategies to quickly build and
grow your beauty salon business.


Be able to attract quality clients and stand out
from other salons.


Be confident and empowered with your new
knowledge and skills!

More rave reviews from our certified
TrueBrow™ success stories

The TrueBrow™ mission

To empower women worldwide to use their creativity and expand their entrepreneurial skills.

To help women feel more feminine, beautiful and real in their own skin via natural brows.

The brainchild of renowned beauty educator Elle Wilson, TrueBrow™ is the world’s first system for the natural restoration and design of brows.

Just as Coco Chanel revolutionized the way we wear the little black dress, Elle has changed the way we see the natural brow.