Earning your TrueBrow™
Specialist Status

Your TrueBrow™ Specialist Journey – in a nutshell

Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist has successfully completed their FIRST Assessment – a key part of their initial training – demonstrating a strong understanding of the world-class design principles used to create an extraordinary TrueBrow™. Their ability to SEE the potential in brows surpasses that of a regular brow artist. They understand what is possible and how to go about making that a reality for their client’s brows. While they are already making such a difference in the lives of their clients, their ongoing training and development only increases from here.

Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist has successfully completed their SECOND Assessment. A Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist has the ability to create what is often remarked as a “brow miracle,” demonstrating their elite knowledge and understanding of a woman’s natural brow. Their ongoing training doesn’t stop here, though. They have also completed an in-person, hands-on training with Elle Wilson or one of her endorsed TrueBrow™ Trainers as additional training.

Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist has completed at least 1 additional in-person, hands-on training with Elle Wilson or one of her endorsed TrueBrow™ Trainers since completing their first in person, hands-on training – they are 100% committed to their ongoing development as a natural brow specialist! They are consistently achieving extraordinary results for their clients and are often renowned for their specialised brow expertise in their location.

Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist

A Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist is considered to be a TrueBrow™ Advanced Restoration Specialist. Their area of speciality lies in working with women with severely compromised and heavily damaged brows. It is their absolute passion to restore and transform brows that are often considered by many in the beauty industry as a lost cause. These students have successfully completed an in-person, hands-on Advanced Training with TrueBrow™ Creator, Elle Wilson, working specifically with some of the world’s most difficult brow problems.

Get inspired by Laura’s story

Laura Davenport
TrueBrow™ Specialist (Colorado, USA)
Simple Beauty with Laura

“I have booked 20 TrueBrow™ Discovery sessions this week, so far and still counting! Today, I originally had 11 booked but after speaking with Elle Wilson I spaced them out a little better haha!!! Everyone I have seen today has entered the TrueBrow™ Program and purchased their TrueBrow™ Starter Kit at $230 each! Plus, booked their next 2 TrueBrow™ Maintenance appointments. I am really excited! Now, I need to order more TrueBrow™ Collection!!! The ladies are still purchasing the Starter Kit even though I have run out of the Collection. So, I haven’t even lost a sale yet for not having the collection restocked. I’m out of S01 and S02… where are my S03’s? LOL! 🙂”

If we take Laura’s amazing story and extrapolate it over the course of a 12-month period, we anticipate that her revenue could be as high as $180,000. That doesn’t even include retail product sales! Even if she were to have slower months or half the clients in succeeding months she could still potentially earn as high as $110,000 in her first year doing TrueBrow™.

The reason we are so confident that Laura will be able to retain her clients is because she has the complete support and guidance of her brow coaches, her TrueBrow™ education group, her ongoing training, and her hands-on classes that will make sure her knowledge and skills are always up to speed. Laura also has access to her regularly scheduled brow coaching classes where she can get feedback for the brows she is working on in-salon. Her clients are guaranteed to always get exactly what they want!

TrueBrow™ empowers women with financial independence and a work schedule that works for you

Olivia Depis
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist (Edmonton, Canada)
The Natural Brow

Currently, I have 180 people on a waiting list waiting to get in to see me. TrueBrow™ gives you the absolute differentiation in the marketplace. A TrueBrow™ Specialist is able to naturally restore eyebrows, which no one really knows how to do in the beauty industry yet. We also learn principles of design that bring our brows a level that is beyond anything many have seen before. I highly recommend TrueBrow™! They’ve given me so much, and currently I only work 3 days a week and make $1000 a week profit, offering ONLY TrueBrow™ in my space. It’s incredible. You won’t regret it!

Angela Mee
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist (Margaret River, WA, AU)
Angela Mee Hair Makeup Brows

Because of TrueBrow™ I now have a 6 figure business!! I have doubled my earnings by adding brow specialist to my hair/makeup artist skills/career. I am able to work the days/time that suit me and my family and work as much as I choose to work. I can have time off during school holidays, and have flexibility to work weekday weddings around my brow clients.

I am in the process of building my new studio next to my house so I can work from home but not inside the home. and I can’t wait for this journey to continue and my business to continue to grow.

Sabrina Ehlis
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist (Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Sabrina Brow and Skin

This unparalleled training has given me the confidence to open my own business, the skill to differentiate myself in the marketplace that has led to me becoming the brow authority in my location. I have doubled my income, I create my own schedule and I make all of my own decisions. I could not have done this without the help of the dynamic duo of TrueBrow: Toby and Elle Wilson. They work tirelessly to be of service to everyone in our brow community. With TrueBrow™, you do not just train for a day…you train for a lifetime.

Melanie Hibberd
TrueBrow™ Specialist
(Swansea, NSW, AU)
Mel’s Beauty Salon

Because of TrueBrow™ I now have a 6 figure business!! I have doubled my earnings by adding brow specialist to my hair/makeup artist skills/career. I am able to work the days/time that suit me and my family and work as much as I choose to work. I can have time off during school holidays, and have flexibility to work weekday weddings around my brow clients.

I am in the process of building my new studio next to my house so I can work from home but not inside the home. and I can’t wait for this journey to continue and my business to continue to grow.

Samantha Keller
Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist (Emerald, QLD, AU)
Ultimate Beauty Cartel

Because of TrueBrow™ my business has soared beyond anything I could have imagined! I have an unrivalled Brow design skill set that sets me apart from others and it shows in my area! My business income reached 6 figures in just a short 18 months and that has allowed me to work hours and days that suit my lifestyle and family’s needs . I will forever be grateful and continue to grow with the support of TrueBrow™ ❤️

P.S. I have a waitlist – have had one for at least 2 years now!

Helen Grech
TrueBrow™ Specialist
(Tullamarine, VIC, AU)
Perfect Pout

I would like to start by saying how grateful I am to be a part of the TrueBrow™️ family and want to share with everyone how it has helped my business grow. Currently I generate roughly between $1,200-$1,800 per week on top of other beauty services I provide and product I sell to my clients. I spend at least 2-3 days per week working on my TrueBrow™️ clients and the other two days I do my hair and makeup clients.

If you are looking to start a new career becoming a TrueBrow™️ Specialist just like myself or having it as an added beauty service to your existing business, I highly recommend the TrueBrow™️ Program.

The continued support they offer is priceless and you won’t get that anywhere else! So what are you waiting for?

Margie Gleeson
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist (Hillarys, WA, AU)
Eloquent Eyes

Since joining TrueBrow™ mid 2017, life has completely changed. At that time, I had zero experience in beauty. Fast forward 4 years and I now own a busy Salon and have the pleasure of working with a team of dedicated and highly skilled TrueBrow™ Specialists who are all trained and passionate about TrueBrow™. We have hundreds of loyal clients who are amazed and thrilled about the beautiful brows that we have created for them and who wouldn’t dream of going elsewhere.

Yearly revenue is in the high 6 figures and with the team in constant growth, we are headed into 7 figures. TrueBrow™ carries out the training for my team which gives me the time and freedom to look after other areas of the business without working ridiculous hours.

Whether you wish to work on your own and from home or from a commercial salon with a team, whether you want to work part time or full time, TrueBrow™ will support you.

TrueBrow™ Collection by Elle Wilson

Exclusive Professional and Retail Range

The TrueBrow™ Collection is an easy 2-step product range designed specifically to go hand-in-hand with the TrueBrow™ System. Unlike anything else on the market, the TrueBrow™ Collection has the power to create depth, fullness, and most importantly, softness for any brow. Women with sparse, misshaped brows can now experience a natural looking fullness, instantly.

Upon enrolment, you will be gifted 3 TrueBrow™ Collection Kits, 1 in each color.

The brow kit includes:
● TrueBrow™ Element
● TrueBrow™ TrueColor
● TrueBrow™ Precision Brush

TrueBrow™ Element

This is the magic potion and key to long-lasting brows. This means zero touch ups all day and all night long. More importantly, it makes your brows look and feel real and natural. Now, who wouldn’t want that, right?

To use, simply apply this unique formulation using your TrueBrow™ Precision Brush to the hairs of your brow and any skin where you wish to build your brow.

TrueBrow™ TrueColor

Fall in love with the incredibly versatile TrueColor, the brow pigment of your dreams that will help you achieve your favorite brow look.

Its lightweight formula and whipped cream consistency give you that full, soft, natural-looking brows that last all day. And don’t worry, because this one stays on without giving you that sticky or heavy feeling.

TrueBrow™ Precision Brush

Our TrueBrow™ Precision Brush offers you the tool of a professional with the ease of a beginner.

Create soft, flowing brows while maintaining maximum control. Designed purposefully with two ends tailored to the application of either Element or TrueColor, your TrueBrow™ Precision Brush will have you creating world-class brows in moments!

Hear from our TrueBrow™ Students

Renee Minniecon
(Mackay, QLD, AU)
Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2020
Onyx Brows

100% worth every penny! You’ll never look back. The ongoing training and support with the online brow coaching classes with Elle and the trainers being available to you is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before.

In regards to learning new techniques, that was the trickiest part for me, but I do not look at brows the same way I used to! The TrueBrow™ community is so supportive! I would definitely get in touch with Elle and her team!

Mandy Parker
(Waitara, New Zealand)
Bronze TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2018
The Natural Brow NZ

Since joining TrueBrow™ mid 2017, life has Elle Wilson is a beautiful soul inside and out and her training is phenomenal – Mastery-based and honestly, like no other on the market. As soon as you connect with her, you’ll know it’s the brow training for you.

Whitney Hartmann
(Burleigh Heads, QLD, AU)
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2014
Whitney Hartmann TrueBrow™ Specialist

Such an incredible course has literally changed the way I look at brows forever! Love this beautiful bunch of passionate, talented and dedicated women from all over the world and so proud to call myself a TrueBrow™ Specialist. This truly is an amazing and precious skill.

Susy Giannakis
(Adelaide, SA, AU)
Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2016
Beauty at Its Best

What inspired me most about learning with Elle is that she fine tuned her passion in eyebrows, constantly perfecting education, training, resources/products, and mentoring, resulting in other women like myself re-creating our own business and their life. When I returned to work after my first hands-on Masterclass, I felt a complete calmness and confidence in my ability.

Elle gave me the ability to take the first steps in becoming a TrueBrow™ Specialist.

Jeanie Tong
(Perth, WA, AU)
Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2018
JT Makeup and Beauty

I am a TrueBrow™ Specialist in Perth and honestly, it has been the best thing for my business. I was a home salon and in October 2020, I moved into a leased room in a hairdressing salon.

I stumbled on TrueBrow™ years ago and enquired about the training and honestly felt that the price was a little high. I ended up spending all that money on multiple other brow courses/ workshops and ended up coming back and joining TrueBrow™ anyway! TrueBrow™ allows you to have the point of difference and that premium brow service in salon that women can not find anywhere else. I definitely recommend it.

Freya Tippett
(Wangaratta, VIC, AU)
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2015
Miss Frey’s Beauty and Brow

My business has boomed, my clientele has tripled and I now have a waiting list for women wishing to have their brows done by me. TrueBrow™ has given me the skills and confidence to transform a woman’s beauty through her brows. I would have never known how to restore a brow without the use of the TrueBrow™ system. The incredible support and love by Elle and all the TrueBrow™ family is endless.

Because of TrueBrow I have a successful business that allows me to create beautiful brows every single day.

Bianca Baker
(Mackay, QLD, AU)
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2015
Bianca Jade Brow Artistry and Beauty

TrueBrow™ has given me the point of difference, a certain skill set, a cut above the rest. I didn’t have a steady income at my home salon, but since TrueBrow™, I’ve grown from my home salon, to renting a room in a hairdresser, to owning my own shop-front with 2 team members.

I honestly can work as much or as little as I like. I always have clients because what we do is amazing!

Lucie Ceresnova Clinch
(Baldivis, WA, AU)
Silver TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2020
Lumière De Perth Medi Spa & Wellness Beauty Salon Baldivis

With TrueBrow™, I feel at home. I have amazing support and education available to me at any time. This support helps me to grow and run my business with confidence and with ease knowing it is true and fair. It also allows me to help so many women in return to build their confidence and find their dream brows. It’s a beautiful support system for women too.

You simply work at your own pace which means I have time for my children and personal life.

Olivia Trask-Lopez
Plano, TX, USA)
Gold TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2017
My Beauty Temple

It’s not just a brand. It’s a lifestyle! The wisdom we receive from Elle through the TrueBrow™ brand is priceless. It always keeps me motivated and inspired. The TrueBrow™ Collection is one of a kind and the TrueBrow™ System is world class. So lucky to have found this brow family.

I am fully supported in every aspect of my beauty business. I feel at ease knowing that with any question I might have or issue I might come across, I have a team of beauty professionals waiting to assist me to the next phase of my business development. The community at TrueBrow is really worth so much value than I could have ever imagined.

Sabrina Ehlis
(Minneapolis, MN, USA)
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2013
Sabrina Brow and Skin

Thank you, Elle! The easiest way to say it (with complete humility) is that TrueBrow™ took me from being a waxer of brows to being a brow specialist. Learning to develop the skill of paying attention to fine details and understanding what soft really means, changes your work completely and allows you to start creating true beauty. It astounds me to realize that I sincerely cannot remember how I used to think when working on a brow. It is as if that time never existed…each brow continues to be an opportunity to learn as the journey never ends.

Angela Mee
(Margaret River, WA, AU)
Platinum TrueBrow™ Specialist
With TrueBrow™ since 2016
Angela Mee Hair Makeup Brows

It’s so exciting to be in my new space surrounded by other awesome businesses. Being a makeup artist, I knew the design skills would help with makeup application and I wanted to offer my brides brow services, so I signed up and completed my waxing and tinting qualifications 2 weeks before having my baby. I started working at home and doing my online Live Brow Coaching Classes. My son has grown up listening to Elle talk. I moved into my first shop-front salon 18 months ago and I’m now set up in a space which me and my clients just love. I’m so happy (and so are my clients) that I found TrueBrow™.!

Your investment for your 12-month Brow Specialist Program


  • 50+ hours of weekly hands-on live coaching classes with award winning educator Elle Wilson and her world class trainers
  • 100+ hours of training content at your disposal
  • Comprehensive natural brow design and restoration training
  • Business and marketing coaching from industry veterans with a combined 50+ years of experience
  • VIP community of talented and empowered women
  • Receive 3 TrueBrow™ Collection Kits – 1 in each color


When you pay upfront

SAVE $1,000

+ GST for Australian residence, no additional tax for those outside Australia



$270.83 x 24 months

Frequently Asked Questions

The top 5 questions Elle Wilson, Creator of TrueBrow™, always asks……

1.How easy do you want your beauty business to be?
2. Do you want to no longer think about your competition?
3. Do you want to increase profit, reduce expenses and build fast?
4. Do you want a consistent waitlist?
5. Do you want to be sought after and attract quality clients?

Whether you have been running your salon in the beauty industry for years or you are looking to enter the industry for the first time, if natural brows are how you want to differentiate your business then TrueBrow™ offers you the opportunity to upskill and add natural brow design and restoration to your expertise, build from scratch, expand or transform your beauty business and most importantly, become the go-to natural brow expert for the women of your location.

TrueBrow™ is for entrepreneurs seeking to become above average. To offer the marketplace solutions to the most challenging brow problems, naturally and reap the joy and the financial rewards for their effort.

From the absolute beginner, to the lash artist, to the salon owner with multiple team members, TrueBrow™ is willing to meet the desire and the vision of each of its students uniquely.

Yes! We offer payment plans.

Many of our students began with little money and enormous faith in TrueBrow™. As they began our program they found not only an increase in their income, but a new found freedom and joy as they began to feel valued, seen, and respected in their chosen field. Money is the easy part. Reach out to us via email for support.

Yes! Sign up for a free LIVE online 45 minute Strategy Session with Elle Wilson and we’ll reach out to schedule it with you. Alternatively, you may also call our head office and speak to one of our wonderful team members.

Contact us for more info